Adjust changes to each other. Game is out of balance now. Changes are all negative

I have a 3400 sttrength team.

I am around 1900 cups (by some fault i came at 2172 which gave me non-playable raids)

So now a couple of things happened:

  1. rewards for raiding dropped drastically
  2. no change in teams to raid
  3. assumably no change in drop rates

As i look at my gameplay, i’m just 3400. If i look at the enemies i got they were from 2800 (seldom) to 3700 (seldom). It was possible to get some 100.000 iron easily when raiding and search for new opponents.

I came by mistake at 2172. Suddenly my opponents came from 3600 till 4200… iron was still good. But i had to move down to 1800 cups to just get opponents i could (NOT EASILY) beat.

As it looks now when i’m raiding i just get max 6.000 and if i get an opponent of 3700 i can get more iron.
The higher the opponent the higher the iron raid.
I can live with that BUT… i can’t get my heroes upgraded so that i come to 4.000. So the game is out of balance. As raiding is an important part of this game you have to make it possible to raid.
I like to have 2400 cups and get opponents that have the same. But SG makes this barely impossible.

Some improvements:

  • more special raids with possibilities to win 4* and 3* material (and make gloves and/or compasses fall more)
  • adjust drop rates, so it will be easier to get your heroes upgraded
  • Give reasonable rewards for winning a raid. Not getting any iron and winning cups not rewarding sucks.
  • adjust cups to team strenght.
  • reconsider rewards for raiding. I now get -26.000 hams and +15.000 iron for my 6x raids… (choosing new opponents could be adjusted too. 1900 is too much considering the possible won ham.

Just a couple of things i hope to see better

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