Adjust burn rates

Kelile was recently buffed, which is great. She is basically a 4* version of Marjana, so it’s always been puzzling that people love Marjana but shun Kelile.

This buff has created a strange imbalance, though. Consider how Azlar and his 4* version, Colen, compare:

Colen’s base burn is 330, Azlar’s is 360. Logical—the 5* hits harder than the 4*.

Now let’s look at Kelile and Marjana:

With her well-deserved buff, Kelile burns for 360, matching (single target) Azlar’s all-target burn. But poor Marjana is only at 300, not even pacing Colen. If she fires after Colen, the burn drops.

The fix is simple: just as Azlar burns for 30 points more than Colen, Marjana should burn for 30 points more than Kelile.

The initial damage on Marjana is already significantly higher and should be taken into account for the total damage. Plus she already seems balanced, would we want to remove a small amount of up-front damage to balance her increased burn?

I also don’t think they have to be “identically” improved. Although they are similar heroes by design, I find it a good thing they have different strengths (although small) and Marj is still marginally better as she should be.


If I calculated right (which I normaly not do so please have a look again) Marjana will do generally a damage of 3064. Keilies damage is only 2160 in first strike. Even when you now add the additional damage over time 2160+60=2220, Marj still causes in total 844 more damage per skill fired. Hence no need to increase damage over time additionally to the big punch in first attack.
Seems much to me…