Additional Team Slots

Has someone figured out:

  1. How many you can add ?
  2. Are they getting more expensive, the more you add ? (like hero slots)

1- not sure i did up to 10 while testing
2- yes they increase by 50 gem each time unless its changed b4 release


Can you tell me what the additional team slots is ??

as for now we got 5 team slots team 1, 2 ,3 etc… you will be able to buy extra slots so you have more options example Titan purple team, Titan Yellow team, Defense team, Ascending team etc


Look in the notes for the release. I’d link it but don’t know how (I’m willing to learn if someone wants to teach me).

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That’s what it is? I thought it was to go from a 5-hero team to a 6-hero team. But I guess that would be way OP.

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Here is one to the Release Notes:

edited: I didn’t increase and cost is 100 gems.

Did you or did you not increase your team slots?

I think SG just made the price for 1 extra team 100 gems and this has nothing to do with how many upgrades for hero storage you have bought.

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guess I missunderstood this post

I didn’t increase and cost is 100 gems.

ill edit the bad post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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my clear answer :slight_smile:
1- 15 teams max
2- the cost is 50 gems more expensive each time. Cost of 6th team: 100 gems.


Does the hero capacity increase as well with the number of teams?

ie. adding a 6th team would increase capacity by 5 (65-70), or does it just use 5 of your hero capacity and keep it at 65? (numbers only for this example)

Those are seperate purchases

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I know that but I was just wondering how it all worked and if there was a benefit to the additional team slots possibly.


There is no real benefit other than that you can set 1 team as defence team, 5 teams for 5 different titan colors, 1 team for special events and name them accordingly.
There is nothing more than ‘comfort’ with the purchase of extra teamslots :wink:


6th Team 100gems
7th Team 150 gems
8th Team 200 gems


I must be blind… How (where) do you purchase a 6th team?

In your bar under your base, press the gems icon (shop).
Then under tab resources you can them.
You are looking for a circle with 5 people in it as a symbol.

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Ahhh… there it is. Thank you

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Without buying new team slots we have 5 slots…
Am I able to rename them or just the new slots that I buy? Where can we rename them?