Additional rule and important detail for matching for Alliance-Wars

First I would like to ask for an additional rule to Alliance-War. Something like: “Choose your Def-Team out of your strongest 7 or maybe 10 Heroes.”.

And this is why: Some Alliances found a new way to maximize the chance of winning their war. They obviously don´t put up their weaker Def-Teams in order not to spend points to the opponent – they mostley just put up one unleveled 1*-hero which barely gives point if attacked and beaten.

I know it´s in the midst of Alliance-War-Rules not set up your strongest Def-Team on the battlefield but combined with the rule “Immediate revival when all the alliance teams are defeated.” it´s an little bit of cheating when most of an Alliance just puts up unleveled 1*-heros and some of the strongest players put up their superior and hard to beat teams.

With this allowed trick they don´t just avoid to give points to the opponent they even have the chance of scoring with the big teams by defending successfully.

On the second hand i´m looking for a more fair way to get an equal Alliance-War-Opponent. I think there one important detail which needs work as soon as possible. There´s no universe existing where a battle between two groups with a different number of members can be fair! Either a matching Alliance has to be the same number of member or the number of attacks for the smaller one has to be increased. Just to get clear: An Alliance with 30 member can do 30 times 6 attacks which are 180 attacks in total. The opponent Alliance just has 26 members which will generate just 156 attacks. So there 180 : 156 chances to get points – not very fair to my opinion.

Looking forward to see chances, goofy

One hero defenses are pretty much an automatic defeat for an alliance so no need to change this. Let alliamces use bad tactics and learn from them

You don´t get me 100% - if there´s no equal team to beat there are no points to earn. lousy opponent gives lousy points so no winning war.

Stop it - this has been litigated to death on the forum. It’s a losing strategy for some obvious reasons that have been discussed multiple times in multiple threads, which you might have seen if you had taken the time to look.

@Rook, can we merge this into one of the many threads where this has already been done to death?

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Please search “one star hero defense” to find all the existing threads on this topic. Thank you.

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