Additional Interaction Required During Hero Training/Leveling Up - Version 23

Yeah, I’ve already caught myself doing that as I try to adapt to the new process flow. It seems natural to me, and it would be even more efficient.

They appear to have tried to fix a problem that no one was saying was a problem, and in so doing, they have managed to evolve the user experience backwards by a huge step.

SMH on this one, Small Giant.


After update to v23, when trying to upgrade your hero, it brings you to the middle of your rooster rather than to the bottom. I’m not sure whether it was an accident or someone wanted such a change, but the previous way was more convenient.

Also, after you upgrade a hero and close upgrade screen, the hero is shown. That’s one more additional click that needs to be done now in order to close it.

Both of these seem inconvenient changes but just in case that’s just my opinion, I’ve added a poll.
Fell free to vote.

So, which UI behaviour do you prefer:

  • [OLD] I prefer if it automatically goes to the bottom of the rooster when upgrading.
  • [CURRENT] I prefer if it goes to the middle of the rooster when upgrading
  • I don’t care. My Aife Assault Squadron is maxed and ready to deploy.

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Voted for old. I think it’s just a bug, not a feature. I remember in the past after one of updates the roster came back all the way to the top after EVERY feeding, even if you didn’t exit from the current hero and they fixed it quickly.

I hope so. Made the topic just in case this change was - for whatever reason - intended.

After the v23 updates, i found the game a bit slower than v22. Levelling up five-stars heroes is slower than that of four-star. It is annoying though.

Version 23 also gives problem during the loading of the game. Most of the time it shows internet connection error! Frustrating sometimes.

Why should there be an updates when the previous version is better than the new release? Hope small giants crew give much thought about it.

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After the update, I noticed that after every single time you feed a hero to another hero, it goes to the level up screen (which is normal), then back to the feeder selection screen (which is normal), but then when you try to exit out, it makes you view the hero card AGAIN before finally being able to exit out to the hero roster. That is wayyy too many screens to exit out of when trying to level up a hero. It may not be bad when you’re feeding all colors to one hero, but when you’re rainbow feeding, it just adds to the time it takes to feed each one of your heroes. We dont need to see the hero card every time we feed a 1* to it.

1st screen:

2nd screen:

3rd screen (new screen):

4th screen: You finally get back to your hero roster.

Tracking the issue over here.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Agreed. The additional tap is annoying. We have to level up a lot and are used to the simpler way. Please remove the extra popup.

Power leveling

(🧐 Update v23 Did you spot a change? share it?)

Is it weird that if there were a reason I were to leave the game, that this “updated feature” may be it?

I honestly dread leveling now. Used to actually enjoy it.

Edit: I’m referencing mostly the scrolling, but the double click out just adds to it.

Add me to the list of people annoyed that leveling opens in the middle of the roster vs. the bottom where feeders live when sorted by power. Too much scrolling when I have 250+ roster spots. Please change back to v22 behavior.

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