Additional Interaction Required During Hero Training/Leveling Up - Version 23

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Not a bug, but definitely a QOL issue. I didn’t see this mentioned in the release notes, so I wonder if it was an inadvertent change. I would be happy to see this functionality reverted back to behavior in versions 22 and prior.


I don’t understand why they changed this. It’s another click you have to make and completely unnecessary.

Please consider reverting this.


I noticed the same unnecessary step. I hope they can fix it in the next update! For the time being, I found that from the heros menu, you can tap the “Level Up” button before you select the hero and avoid having to tap X twice after feeding.


I hate this, too. When you have over 300 roster slots, it creates a lot of unnecessary scrolling. :expressionless:


Yeah, I eventually figured that out. It’s a good workaround - same number of button presses. I just have to train myself to do it differently now.

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I’ve come to notice that for each “major” version releases (like V22 to V23), there is typically a smaller update build release a few days after, since most of the release notes for major updates have already indicated that certain features are going to be available for everyone “after” all the updates have been rolled out across the platforms, I’ve come to see these smaller updates to contain among other things, a on switch to activate these major features at a certain time, to prevent players who have already gotten the update from getting a head-start.

Most notably, this happened when Emblems were first introduced and some players who had the update before the others, started getting Emblems as part of loots and the devs have had to hold off on the releasing of more Emblems until the majority of the player base have updated their game.

This was later seen when V22 was just released and players who got the first updates were clamoring about why they couldn’t start the upgrade to SH21 and haven’t seen any info regarding the Hunter’s Lodge yet. After a smaller, largely ignored update was released, you started seeing players seeing the features opened up after some time have passed.

If this was an inadvertent change, I think the devs can certain insert a small fix to revert this issue back to Pre-V23 in a small update.


Although still an extra tap, you can tap anywhere outside the card to close it. At least you don’t have to be precise and aim for the X button.


I’m not sure if this is by design or not, but now after leveling a hero, you see the screen that displays the hero’s card and says “Hero Leveled Up!” When you hit ok, you go back to the Level Up screen where you can add additional feeders. When you are done there and click the “x”, you are then shown the hero’s card again. You have to hit the little “x” at the corner of the card, which is not in the same place as the big “x” from the previous screen.

This second viewing of the card really doesn’t add anything, just the tedium of clicking it away. When you are leveling heroes with a lot of feeders, it gets old very fast. It makes the whole process take longer for no real reason.

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Sorry, I didn’t see this thread and got merged from another. I will add my voice to those who don’t like this change and hope it can be changed back. I also noticed if does this even if you just look at the level screen and don’t actually level anything. It’s just not helpful.


Yeah, this is the second annoyance added to this release.


Agreed with above, it is really annoying and doesn’t add anything to have to close the herocard an extra time.
Just makes the tiresome clicking to level up the hero’s more tiresome (and time consuming).


This second showing of the card is essentially like going through the drive through at a fast food place, ordering a hamburger and fries, and being asked “do you want cheese on that?” Morons who cannot order cheeseburgers have to be reminded to order cheese. Those who don’t want cheese now have to be asked if we want it so the dudes who can’t say “cheeseburger and fries” don’t go away disappointed. If you cannot open the hero card yourself after adding feeders to your hero, you’re pretty pathetic and probably should give up now because you’re not going to understand that when you can’t feed them anymore, they either need to be ascended or are fully maxed. PLEASE, SG, don’t ask us if we want cheese. We only needed a hamburger. Take away the extra click!


I’ve found that there is now a very noticeable lag when I have to feed my heroes. When I bring up a hero and select “level up”, it takes a few seconds to get to the next screen. Scrolling up and down through my heroes on the next screen is glitchy and choppy, not smooth scrolling anymore. And I have to pay extra attention when selecting my feeders because my taps don’t always register the first time now. Then once I feed my hero, the music never comes back until I’m completely out of the hero menu and back to the home screen. Not necessarily bugs, I guess, but it’s really noticeable to me and annoying for sure, especially when I go to feed 10, and realize at the last minute that the game only selected 9.

I’ve wondered why it’s being messed with at all. What are they trying to accomplish by making me close the hero a 2nd time? Between this and the decision to hide the number of free summons on the portal, I am starting to think they are just being evil and trying to make the game less user friendly so we don’t gripe so loud about the Alchemy Lab.


It’s just really really really really annoying … Especially if you’re doing TC19 training and have 400 people to feed…

Also another minor thing that’s changed. Game used to know where you’d left the scroll thing when levelling heroes and now resets to the top…

For Me, I order by power so all feeders are at the bottom. Under the old build when I opened the game again to train, when I hit “level up” it would still be at the bottom. Now it starts at the top and I gotta scroll down… Not a massive thing just another minor annoyance.


@zephyr1, @Petri etc… Are there plans to get rid of the extra tap when levelling heroes?

I have no idea, since I don’t work for Small Giant and Beta is currently closed, but I sure hope so — it’s driving me a bit nuts too.


This drives me nuts! Hoping they change it back and fix the choppy/slow scrolling, too.

To offer an alternate suggestion…I’d love an option to feed all unlocked heroes to a set of designated trainers (same color, of course) with just a couple button presses. Just collected 45 heroes from training camps? Press a couple buttons to feed all the unlocked reds to your designated red trainer, yellows to your yellow, etc.

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Agree with EVERYONE above!!! It’s a unanimous eff up!


Add another to the list. When I started doing some leveling since the update, I was like, “Am I drunk? Something seems off…” - this isn’t a HUGE deal, but it, umm, not to sound like a hippie, but… it “disrupts my flow, man”… heh heh.

Good gaming!


Assuming there was a reason for the change, and they’re not going back, one way forward (that would satisfy me at least) would be if tapping the X after using the “Level Up” button would take me back to the “Choose a Hero to level up” dialog, and not all the way back to the main hero roster screen.

That would actually mean fewer taps – as long as I could teach myself the new workflow. :wink:

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