Additional Hero Sorting

How about sorting by frequency of use, so you could see who makes the cut most often?

Might remind us to try a hero from left field.


Whenever I’m bored or can’t sleep, stumbling upon the odd thread here or there always helps.

What started out as @Rigs having a brain fart, turned into an almost unnecessary “difference of opinion” but managed to not derail completely.

Thanks for keeping me awake @Rigs.


Seems like one potentially useful option based on this thread would be a Custom Sort, where you could order heroes however you want, and be able to return to that order after sorting by other things like Power or Element.

They could even go a step further, and let you name that Sort Order, and sell additional Sort Order Slots, like they do with Team Slots.


This thread was actually a joke just to see some hairbrain reactions…but surprisingly people do have actually useful ideas to go with it

Sorting by use frequency would be pretty cool


Why ya gotta mention a price tag? I’m so screwed…might as well chuck my wallet out the window right now…

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Just figure it’s reality to have :money_with_wings: if they implemented that particular idea.

I see all of these as kind of small steps toward what I really want, though, which is a total revamp of the Roster system.

Something like this would be a good start: NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups - BETA UPDATE POST #42

And this would be good too: Hero Roster Organize System [MASTER]


Originally witch was non-gender and warlock was an evil male witch. Only later times differentiated the two.

Although interesting that originally only males were differentiated good/evil.

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Consistently one poster being aggressive and another calling him out gets treated equally.

Not sure how far back you went but my Oxford source indicates witch is from wiche, which in the 1400s meant evil old woman.

Somewhere in Helsinki…


Middle English wicche was non-gender. It was around the transition to modern English (1400-1500’s) that it started becoming gender-specific.

If you go back further to Old English you have wicca/wicce for witch which are gender-specific. Ironically wicca was the male version.


1st of all…we were both off topic so why would you expect to be treated any different?

2nd of all I’m pretty positive discussing or debating moderator/staff decisions as far as ban*s or flags or the likes, is against forum rules, if you’re that unhappy about such a decision, maybe the better route is to request a chat with a moderator such as @Rook , @zephyr1 , @JonahTheBard , or even @Petri and see if they’re willing to chat with you privately about your issues with their decisions and go from there

For what it’s worth, none of my posts above were aggressive. If i was being aggressive, i would make it obviously clear



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Anyway, I got to this thread tonite because I, too, noticed the new option to sort heroes by “origin” but cannot for the life of me see where to find that symbol on the heroes. Can anyone point me to it?? Thanks in advance!!

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When there is a family it’s shown in the top left corner of a card in your roster.

Examples showing some families

Season 2 families - Atlantis (blue swirl), Sakura (pink flower) and Lagoon (green leaf)

Event Families - (Avalon & Guardians shown)
Teacup = wonderland
Ziggurat = Guardians
Stonehenge (table?) = Avalon
Book = Fables
Skull & crossbones = pirates

Some don’t have symbols yet.
Shown here are the seasonal families (likely to get symbols this year). Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Summer.

Shown here are Heroes of the Month (HotM)

And finally you have the classics. season 1 heroes (also no symbol/ family thing yet)


Look at you showing off your roster…


Mana speed! Need sort by mana speed for tournaments, next hero to level, etc. How about applying multiple filters (like check boxes)? Class and element for example? This could go sooo many directions!


Only a small part lol

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You are absolutely right, some people are triggered over just about anything. Old people used to be uptight, nowadays it is the youth who shakes the finger and say something like “you can’t say that.”

I have come across somebody dictating “gender is not binary.” Who are you to say that, what is your proof other than people’s personal experience and feelings? Biology says there are two, why would we add psychology in the mix, when there is great variability among people and very little chance to organize our approach to gender.

To add something on topic, i think somebody should have just added an option of disregarding teams when sorted.

Btw, skittle is a she, her nickname is gendered in french (i can’t stop derailing :))


Agree on both counts @Ebonest. But the “disregard teams” option would be a huge help. This is one I’ve wanted for quite some time.

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