Additional Hero Sorting by Gender

So i noticed SG has continued to make it easier and easier to sort heroes a way a player wants

Well i think we should take things a bit further, as there is always room for improvement right?

I think players should be able to sort their heroes by gender

Sometimes i wanna use all females, sometimes all males, sometimes ones i deem as gender x and it would be super convenient to just move all the heroes of whichever gender i wanna use to the top of the list so i don’t have to go through and pick n peck around in my roster

Think it would be really awesome of SG to get this added into the game

This would also finally answer the questions concerning the genders of Skittle and Proteus. Possibly a few more like Cat as well. :laughing:


Gender isn’t binary. What would lead us to believe it is so in the game? Why would we think designers would want to make is so and offend any trans players?


I could be wrong, but I thinks Rigs wasn’t being completely serious. At least, that’s how I took it, so therefore that was the intent of my response as well.


Why stop there? Let’s sort by hair color, nose length, and if they are wearing shoes. We need this!


This is a great idea but I definitely wanna sort some by bra size and by who I think wears a thong or banana hammock. This must happen asap


I included gender x, be happy lol(fwiw, i could care less if male/female of some cartoon characters trigger anyone, if an artist had a gender in mind upon creating a character then who are you to say they didn’t? Lol)

This forum never fails to entertain


In the alice story, i believe cheshire was referred to as “it” which would fall into gender x

As far as skittle, no clue lol i mean looks like a guy but has the title of a witch

Considering the fact that in this day in age there are people that refer to themselves as “husband or wife”(completely binary btw) but scream and shout about “gender fluid” instead of referring to themselves as “spouse” then preaching their nonsense, it’s hard to say what skittle is since we don’t know if his backstory involves “witch” being self proclaimed or if it’s a gender based title based on “it’s” profession


Maybe we could allow the heroes to sort themselves according to who their bestest buddies with?

Brand and Greg probably want to compare their favourite electro-lute tunes and never get to sit together.


Lol do you think ursena has a best buddy?


Ursena’s only friend is Candy Witch skittleskull.

Tragically, they can never hug because sugar dissolves in water :frowning:


It’s crazy :grin:

20 ухмыляющийся


Skittle also has a grammatically female “witch” in non-English languages.

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I believe you.

Because I believe you’ve decided that the issue is trivial and since the issue doesn’t matter to you, it must be worthy of mockery to anyone to whom it does matter.

You’ve got really strong knowledge of this game, and often I even agree with your game-mechanic points - but your lack of empathy for those who are different from you and your willingness - and at times even glee - at mocking and putting down those you feel who are somehow different or lesser than you Is such a different approach to real life from me that it really prevents me from respecting you as a player or person.


Lol yea i prefer it that way honestly

That’s new info to me, i only speak 1 language, how many translations did you look into?

It doesn’t matter to me.

I do think it may matter to the vulnerable teenage trans kid who’s playing this game and stumbled on to these forums and sees yet another person making a mockery of “being triggered over gender”.

But then I’ve never noticed you being overburdened by sensitivity for others

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It’s gendered in English too.

Witch = female
Warlock = male

Witch is from and old English term “wiche”, which was a term for a ‘mean old woman’

Pretty positive the teenage trans kid already has a lot bigger problems than anything i have to say lol

And where exactly have i mocked “gender x”(btw using that term as that’s the term they want added to the driver licesnse instead of just M or F, so not seein it as a disrespectful term…)

I included gender x in the OP respectfully and without mockery

The “husband/wife” remark is simply pointing out that some have flaws in their logic and that if married then the term “spouse” would be more appropriate if they don’t want to be defined by a gender or consider themselves male or female. If they prefer to be considered male or female then husband or wife fits into their logic. Depends on the individual.

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That’s better. Thank you. Maybe hope yet.

As for the husband/wife comment above - when someone makes a comment like that who doesn’t understand gender issues very well, or my view on them, I tend to let it slide based on genuine ignorance.

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Yea i knew witch was female in english

I actually misread the response but still curious how many translations he did of the word witch

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