Additional Hero Sorting - Alliance War

As was noted here, the devs have made some changes to sorting our hero rosters, and those changes are appreciated. One change in particular that I find especially useful is automatically sorting ineligible heroes to the bottom of the list while selecting teams. You may have observed this working in two places today: class trials and raid tournament defense.

Now that we have this functionality, I would like to propose a third place for this sorting to occur: alliance wars. The UI correctly grays out heroes that I have already used for attack. It would be even better if these used heroes were shuffled to the bottom of my roster. This would give me a better idea of what teams I can still compose for my remaining flags.

Out of likes and votes but yea seems like this would be common sense

Only issue i can foresee is on hectic days if someone forgets what heroes they’ve already used and then havin to scroll frantically through their heroes lookin for 1 just to find out they already used it, so i expect that complaing to come with this implementation but oh well can’t make everyone happy


You’ve got my +1, since I seen to be perpetually out of vote. Or SG took my voting rights away?
Anyway this should have been implemented with AW from the beginning. I’d appreciate it as I have preset teams but they change depending on who I’m attacking. It would make searching through my roster, it’s kinda a hoarder like roster with all the crap I’ve been holding for the HA, which appears will remain there for the foreseeable future.


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Definitely agree with this, and it’s one of the cons I thought of, as well, especially with the twelve hours between the first and second waves. Sometimes I lose track of the flags I have remaining, and those are displayed clearly, so I could see this happening with thinking I still had a hero to use and then getting confused about it. Hopefully it would just be a slight learning curve and then we’d be able to trust that what we see is what we’ve got left to fight with.

I’m not that far along, but I’m getting there. Four of my six teams are generally static. This would really help me with the last two where I’m trying to piece something together from my 3.60’s and niche heroes (and sometimes even my emblemed 3* healers if I think I need one, like a cleanup with field aid).


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