Additional board displays

Can we counters for #of turns and #of matched tiles?

It would be cool if we could see the info and use it for discussions.

Some advices:

  1. Against Kasshrek, rainbow is just fine, but need 4 hitters at least. Against healers, one single healer or support hero (with HoT) is enough. Combinations only on centre and do not fire your heroes until you charged them all. Let Kasshrek activate several times in a row; it affects you with nothing. After you charged your heroes, just wipe out the most annoying side (3 heroes - tank, flank, wing). For the other side you just need to ghost tiles in the already cleared side. Btw, Kasshrek is one of the worst tanks in the game and one of the few tanks that actually allows the attacker to be easily successful even with rainbow.

  2. Once you bring in your line-up an elemental defense debuffer, you need to bring another 2 heroes at least, to be effective. Otherwise doesn’t make sense. So, if you attack with Frida, bring another 2 blues, no matter if they are 4*. For example, firing Frida, Grimm and another blue, will wipe out any hero, pretty much. Another example: Falcon, Gormek and Colen may devastate 3 maxed legendaries.

  3. If you have a 5* hero, doesn’t mean it is your best option on that colour. Besides, an epic hero may easily be emblemed, therefore, even more powerful than an unemblemed 5*. In your situation, an emblemed Caedmon is much better than Margaret. Besides, Margaret is useful only against heavy hitters, not against such defense.

P.S. I saw you posted this screenshot twice in the last days. But you already have been told at the other thread, the battle was lost in the moment you pressed attack. No matter how many matches you’ve been able to do, the battle shouldn’t have been lost with right heroes. You did every single mistake in the book of attack. I hope the above tips will help to improve your gameplay :slight_smile:

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