Additional battle items

No need to reinvent the wheel here - use some basics from “match 3” and RPG games that would be a nice quality of life improvement for us.

+5 titan move - item that can only be used at the end of combat or something similar that allows 5 moves (chains excluded) outside of the allotted time. Pretty niche but would be nice.

Tile destroy - could be nuke a row; could be nuke a single tile. Very basic here.

Start the battle with x number bombs/gems - x could be 1 but it would help tremendously with the “rigged boards” problem.

Ultimate shield - protects 100% of the next attack made against you for 1 (one) “juan” attack.

Spear - increase damage by 100% for x number of turns (probably 1 would be reasonable)

Heal all potion - heal all allies for x% or base x total.

Mana all potion - same but for mana

Poison/smoke/rust - to affect the titans status so that he would receive fire/poison dmg, reduced chance to hit (like arrows but not take mats for timestops), and something to reduce def. Of opposition.

These all seem like no brainers but would add to the game imo. Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about.

Other more off the wall items that could be something -

Rearrange opponent team ( a raid item)

Lock pick - to attempt to steal loot off of an enemy/titan

Light in a bottle - stuns the enemy/titan for a turn (chance to be resisted etc)

Bag of tricks - random effect good and bad

And lastly because I know it’s so crazy…A FULL HEAL

All of these are up for debate and maybe a little whack but are they any more wacky than the raid shield items?!

Looking forward to feedback.

Iron arrows: remove all buffs from target

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I like the suggestions very much. :slight_smile:

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Ild like to have a last shot at the titan after the timer runs out, but this doesnt have to be a item.

Also how about a heal over time potion

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War Hammer. An armor breaker. Say -25% armor for 4 turns.


Could have single hammer for single target and then a secondary item that affects 3 to 5 targets for a smaller amount. So like 25% single and 15% on multiples.

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