Adding win or loss to notifications

Would be cool to see at least a W or L added.

What notifications? You mean the messages saying your base was attacked?

Yes, say I’m at work and I can’t fire up the game, this way I could at least know the outcome of the fight.

Yeah, similar games have this notification.
I for one, don’t care much about trophies. Actually, I’d be happy to see much more defeats in a day. Too many trophies make my H chest harder and longer to fill up :slight_smile:

Well as long as I’m in Diamond league I’m happy. But this still would be cool imo.

Indeed, I agree. But the devs don’t care about small improvements, but still necessary. Like to show the stage number on the screen during a mission (suggested over and over again). So I wouldn’t hold my breath till the devs will implement such notification :grin:

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I know lol, figured I would just throw it out there for craps n giggles. Sometimes alot of little things make a big difference.