Adding V.I.P Levels

I’d really like to see the makers of Empires and Puzzles add in V.I.P levels into the game (aka additional rewards for spending money) much like in many other mobile games out there. Its nice to know those of us that spend money can get more “free” rewards for doing so. Doesn’t have to be anything game breaking (at least at first ;)).
There can be…say…20 levels (or however many to make it work) and each level can give you daily bonuses (ie iron, food, crafting materials etc.) with the reward amounts/quality increasing in value/rarity (or at least a chance to) as your level increases. I’m sure the developers can come up with decent/great rewards for each level (increasing as your V.I.P levels increase of course).
I understand theres the “V.I.P pass” or w/e its called that you have to spend money in order to get (basically monthly/daily rewards) but adding in additional reward levels would be a great addition to the game, imo.
I’m curious to see what others think about this. I know I like/appreciate the V.I.P levels in some of the other games I play and I’m sure many others would think the same if they were to be added to Empires and Puzzles.

I suspect you won’t find too much favor as one of the many things people love about this game is the grind and that you can compete with minimal investment. There’s many a thread on f2p versus p2p.

But maybe I’ll be shown wrong.

If VIP grants early access to new content e.g. Season 3 even by a few days, it may convince those already spending to buy. It won’t affect the F2P people much.

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