Adding random trainer to each summon (except silver token)

In absolute cases from summons player get 3* hero (just meat for another hero). How about adding a random 1-4* trainer for each summon? I think 300+ gems which players spend more than enough for this.

Really? SGG sell a bunch of trainers before each tournament for a petty penny and you propose a free trainer? Not gonna happen.


It’s not free by default :slight_smile: Just increase worth of what you get in 99% of pulls

Most valuable summons already have a chest with asc mats - that’s more than enough. Feeder heroes are not the issue once you hit at least TC19. Next, farming Atlantis for backpacks give you enough for TC2 for a month.
Nice addition could be if each summon give one random emblem. That could really improve the summons.

They are not in all summons and for me personally they are not of great value (basically, I get from there what I have in abundance). That is, if you receive an additional bonus trainer in the summon, you will be upset? :slight_smile:

As I know cost of emblems more high in game. SGG will never do this.

Sure they will. Not this time, but it’s inevitable. Almost a year have passed, they have to introduce something new (ninjas this time), but emblems will be given on a more wide scale, as time passes.

Well, maybe at the very end before the death of the game to make more money :slight_smile:

All this has long been in other games (formations too)

You can use Hero Academy to get trainer heroes. :smiley:

You can use Academy to get S1 3* heros as well :slight_smile:

But this does not change the fact that in summons for 300+ gems I get mostly trash.

The bad summons & puzzles are the foundation of the game. Without them, the wouldn’t even make 1% of the profit. Amen. :roll_eyes:

You think additional trainer will kill the game process?

Then don’t summon. Use HA7 instead. That way, you don’t get trash.

Nuff said. Muting…

If no one will be make summons - the game is die

Good luck again :grin:

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