Adding one more element / hero color


Would it be too much if the E&P adds one more element? I would suggest Orange-ground/earth.

To be honest, I just wanna see ultimate rainbow heroes, orange is my favourite colour as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also an extra dimension to hero stats. As well as ‘Attack’, ‘Defence’ and ‘Health’, would it be too much for the E&P to add ‘Stench’?

And how about an extra building, please. I think we all need a ‘Tannery’, where hides are tanned for various uses.

Oh, and an extra combat item?! Can we all get water balloons, please, except that on Tuesdays they are filled with tadpoles and on Thursdays they are filled with deadly acid?

Yeah, that would all be cool, By tomorrow, okay?

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Same answer as Brobb, just in a less sassy manner: adding a new color would completely mess with the game mechanics and not be easy for players to adjust too since they would suddenly have orange tiles on their boards without any leveled heroes to work with. Sure you could design a game from scratch with 6 colors, but you can’t just add another color at this point.


Yeah, I am not really expecting E&P would add one more colour, that’s why I mentioned that I just wanted to see full rainbow colour. @whatflord Thanks for the comment. I just don’t see why the other one had to be sassy and spend time to write a long and sarcastic comment, so serious.

I kinda like the idea, in concept. Nice thinking.

But I doubt it would ever happen or be a good idea. E&P just celebrated its 1 year aniverery. I have been playing for 10-11 months. I love this game.

A big change to the fundamental mechanic of the game is very risky for SG. There are a lot of players and I feel this game is a success for them. A 6th color runs the risk of making a lot of players quit the game. That does not make fiscal sense to SG. They are probably better served by making little changes and additions (like aw and the upcoming Easter event), rather than messing with the successful core of a game that seems to work pretty well.

I am sad to type this. The idea of Orange is really cool. I wish they had built it in from the start.

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Oh, you think that was long? And serious? You must be new around here. :wink:


That was totally not long… lol! I feel like the god of long forum posts right now. Ha!

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It could be implemented for example that the board only gives 5 different colors, so one of the colors that is not on your team does not appear on the board.
New element is an interesting idea, no that I like to some extent. True it could mess up the game a little too much, but if done correctly and with enough balancing it could be nice.

What about creating a whole new line of heroes with a different color… such as orange or fuchsia to change things up a bit… still keep the same 5 spaces for heroes but new color and new abilities

New color with season 3?

Hi all, just today i got an idea about what they could add with season 3. A whole new color of heroes, i thought about “white heroes” and they are strong vs purple and yellow heroes and; yellow and purple are strong aganist white heroes as well and they are weak to white heroes and they deal-recive normal damage from green-blue-red heroes. their name could be “neutral” or something like that .
I dont know if any1 already thought about something like that but i think a new color could be nice to be added and season 3 heroes could be in normal epic summon.

Like the boards are not bad enough so many times. The 6th colour is all we need right now :stuck_out_tongue:


No. I doubt they’d add white color heroes in S1, S2 and event. So are those heroes going to be limited to S3? How many they gonna be? Two 3*, three 4* and two 5*?