Adding new 4* Heroes in Hero academy (Poll)

I really don’t understand why there is no option in hero academy for retraining (or training) 4* heroes but not only from s1… There should be the option to get 4* heroes from all seasons and events.
I believe that this is something they should change.


They don’t give away S2/S3 heroes for free you can only get them by buying coins, lots of suggestions in other threads asking for easier pulls but they all go in-answered.
The only way to get new things incorporated is put a cash value on it.

The newer heroes will not be added to the training camps or the hero academy because they are still money spinners, the best we could expect if such a thing happened would be for season 2 heroes to appear. Season 3 and 4, and even the old event heroes would also most likely not appear unless SGG, and or Zynga felt we needed a break.

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4* heroes from season 2 will be just fine for a start.


I’m also in hopes that the season 2 heroes will eventually be put into the hero Academy, or TC20 at the very least.

I don’t mind even if they are only given a percentage chance because it will still be better than nothing.


Hey guys, got an update directly from the devs

Just stop dreaming you bunch of poor noobs, spend money and stop crying :rofl:


I remember that update from the most recent Q&A.

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I agree, there should definitely be a small chance for a non season 1 four star hero in the academy. Granted, I can see their reasoning to deny it…if they think like me. Im not a whale, but do make smaller purchases. I do my 10 pulls. Once I’ve gotten all the relevant 3 and 4 star from a portal…im done. Spending over for that portal. But, ill keep going until I have the one I want…unlike with 5s. Those odds are so terrible for 5s, I won’t waste a dime once I’ve gotten everything from the 4s that could help me in events/ tourneys etc.

They are likely banking on those that still need a mist…hence always having her pop up like she is a big deal during Valhalla. I assume, once that kind of buying also drops to nothing, they throw people a bone.

Im sure they have numbers on those that do spend…and don’t yet have a wilbur or proteus…oddly…and still keep going. Those percentages will eventually slip down and open up opportunities for f2p…one would hope

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Ever since the trainer heroes were added to the event summonses, the chances of pulling anything worth while has grown dramatically less. The fact that certain event heroes “needed” costumes speaks for itself. As for season 2, where are their costumes? I mean if they are still relevant, you’d see more of them in the top teams which i do not. It is time for SGG to “throw us a bone”. With the amount of new heroes appearing why are these heroes not appearing in HA10 or TC20? Even the Vampires from the Halloween event have been added to HA10, so what of season 2?

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