Adding new 4* Heroes in Hero academy (Poll)

Say what now? Which players did they ask? Bemused. You have my vote, although shouldn’t this be in Ideas & features?! :thinking:


Yeah this is a goood idea. All for it.

Also please vote at the top of the thread aswell


I dont really care about it myself, already have all the non s1 4* and many dupes, Im a whale myself and still voted yes, But i wonder whats the reason to vote No, are they just trolling or what ?


Maybe SG interns making multiple gmail accounts, then multiple forum accounts, then voting no…because why would any player vote no to this?


My bet would be people who already have these heroes (possibly having spent money to get them) and not wanting everyone to have access for free (regardless of RNG).

Having access to better heroes makes competition for Challenge events, Mythic Titans, Ninja Tower and other events harder, as more people will be pushing into the top 10k, 5k, 1k and top hundred.

Why would those players want to give up their advantage?

Answer: They most likely wouldn’t (unless they’re incredibly kind and compassionate - of which some of them are and we love them for).

What surprises me is how few players have voted at all. Proof of the player exodus from the game?


Still missing some of 4☆

Hansel, Gretel, Jackal, Falcon, Jabbar, Gafar, Gadeirus, Carol, Jack O’Hare, Boomer, Sir Lancelot

So why not?

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Me having all of them. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.
Let me check im having Carol or not. :slightly_smiling_face:.
Edit :- Not having Carol. :sob:.

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i’ve seen some discussions on the forum that could answer why people would want to restrict the availability of these heroes :upside_down_face: basically:

  1. Why summon more if you can’t ascend the heroes you already have,
  2. The game is a business so they want to make money,
  3. Don’t be greedy and learn to play with what you have

Sigh. Not even going to bother arguing vs. such arguments.

I, and many others, know it takes time and patience in this game. All we’re asking for is more of a chance, but apparently even that is too generous for some people.


I still want S2/S3 4* heroes!


Is there any update from SG to get Non S1 4* heros from hero academy?

No, there isn’t :man_shrugging:t3:


hope this poll could convince them to add non s1 4*
but i doubt they will consider it, seems they were right, only a small minority players want it, there is no reason to add more 4*

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That is not adding more 4 stars.
That would be giving the choice to who is interested.

The less interested the players, the less relevant the option, the easier to throw it in the mix.
It could actually be its strength.

But it won’t be done for reasons different from players interest. There’s another interest at stake here :relieved: (tip: starts with Z)

I’d love this as someone who has all but Wilbur and I’m done all s2 so no coi s but seahorses. I think s3 is a bit early and tbh I just did my first pulls 2 months ago as I planned on playing normal and hard before pulling but I wanted URAEUS so I used 20x pulls and luckily got frigg on last one with mist jott and sumle as 4s. I’ll still have plenty of pulls to do with the coins left plus the ones I still have from hard and the finish bonus of 500. It’ll be around 24 pulls left I think.
I’d love to get hansel, gretel, falcon, jackal etc esp falcon since despite 3 years still no marjana but yeah I don’t know why it’s not a thing.

Peters was a great get just like proteus and others are nice like triton aka mini Magni or gadeirus who could have been great if his Mana was avg. Wilbur is clutch to many as well as proteus in beating boss levels in events if you are trying to punch above your weight.

Wilbur would be my main chase from s2 but I’d take another proteus too. And Hansel is awesome, the guardians are easily the best of all.

They say theres no interest in this? Let me ask this…you think there’s no interest in this SG yet EVERY portal has s1 heroes and not just 5s but all of them. What you really think long term or even mid term players want Kiril number ten or caedmon 7? I had so many dupe s1 4s just for this reason hat I thought we’d be able to try for s2 and event heroes or maybe put 5 4* in to transform to a 5 but nothing happened so I ate them yet I still keep at least one copy of most and I even still have amoenna who I started loooong ago and is sitting at 2.4 but maybe she’ll counter something one day and I can’t pull in s2 anymore as a ftp now. Once s3 is finished the coin drops are even less so that’ll be over.

So SG they may not pull revenue like the 5* new heroes but given the miniscule odds even spenders won’t try for Wilbur at his point so why not let us use our dupe 4s. Oddly as a side note Triton was my first non s1 4 and I only had melendor and Kiril with him back then and they were mainstays for a long time. I still think triton is one of best looking heroes in game and as sone of poseidon he should be! And I did keep his dupe though inalso fed one to Magni long ago before I knew what I was doing…lol.


I hope you can show them the interest shown in this thread. Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

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You came out of retirement! Is this the comeback tour?

I never retired from the game, just left the forum. I sometimes visit the forum as guest and just now I found this interesting statement from support so I decided to login to vote.

During the time I left the forum I got:

Azlar Costume
Elkanen Costume

All for free.

Maybe SG gave mercy to me for stop complaining in the forum. :crazy_face:

201 Atlantis Summons 》 0 Wilbur here…


100% yes I would like this and I think the poll is more or less an accurate representation of the player base.

It is good for mid-level players and veterans too. I would love the chance for any of the following 4*:

  • Gretal, Hasel, PIB, Jack O Hare, Buddy, Frank, Ametrine

The last is super unlikely, but the rest to me should be super viable. There is a place for 4s in tournies, challenge events, other PVE, and for many in war teams (about 1/3 of my war heroes are 4) and most people don’t have ALL 4s in the game. So the benefit is definitely there… on the flip side very few people pull specifically to get 4s (although I sometimes pull with the more realistic hope of getting certain 4s - Proteus and Almur being exceptions that evaded me for about a year each from memory, not to mention the event 4s above that are still playing coy) so it would unlikely be of impact to profits


Huge congratulations @yelnats_24!

Happy to see you are doing very well in the game. Take care. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


some good pulls you got indeed… and nice to see you again. thanks for logging in to vote for this lovely idea!


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