Adding new 4* Heroes in Hero academy (Poll)

I asked in game support if its possible to add S2/event/ S3 4* heroes in hero academy
their answer is players dont have interest for it so there is no reason to add this feature

Im just curious, would you like tohave a chance for a non s1 4* in hero academy lvl 8 ?
lets say with same odds of 5% chance for a non s1 4*
I know most of atlantis 4* are outdated now except proteus and wilbur, but some 4* events are still good
valhalla 4* are great but its probably too early to introduce them…

Do you want non S1 4* in hero academy lvl8
  • Yes
  • NO

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thank you for starting this poll! I’ve added “poll” to the thread title to get more interest.

Surprised that game support says there is no interest for it… I know many players who would love to get Proteus, Wilbur, Hansel, Gretel, Jackal, Falcon, Mist, Gullinbursti, Almur, etc. etc. etc…

And with Atlantis coins and Valhalla coins becoming scarcer, I would welcome the chance to produce these heroes from Hero Academy!


It 100% gets my vote
Both old and new players would welcome the opportunity

**** Edit
However SG have already said that they will not include 4* heroes (or their costumes) in HA10.


would be great if they add S2 and event 4* quickly
its a nonsense being able to train for non s1 5* but not for non s1 4*


I would instantly start using this. Two years into the game and I’m still looking for: Proteus, Hansel, Gretel, Cheshire Cat, and duplicate Guardians.


The support response is nonsense. Back in Beta literally everyone was yelling for this.

Not the 5% chance though, the low odds for HA10 caused a lot of consternation. I think it was suggested that HA8 produce only non-S1 heroes, as by that point in the game most 4* have been obtained or pose little interest.


Would love this option or a similar option to get non S1 4 stars. Definitely would add some value to the hero academy to those that took 1+ year to make it.

Could provide a small boost to F2P/C2P who keep falling further behind and restore a bit of enthusiasm for this game for some


No interest??!!

That’s hilarious, nonsensical, and indicates the disconnect between the company and the players – again.

I’m still missing Triton. And I’d like to get a second Wilbur and Ameonna, too – just for “collector’s goals”. And the only way I have a chance at them is by chasing Atlantis coins during AR, and then rolling the dice every once in a while. I’m not spending 10x pulls on Atlantis anymore. Heck – I only have ONE S2 5*, Misandra. And she was the first of the 54 5*s I’ve accumulated in almost 3 years of play.

Back on track.

Frankly, I am of the opinion that adding the S2 and long-time event 4* heroes to the HA8 production list isn’t enough. I recommend that there be an unlockable feature for an “Advanced Training Camp”, which would allow players to select a season or event and add those heroes to the training queue. Upon successfully completing the normal difficulty of a season, the 3* and 4* heroes would be unlocked; completion of the hard difficulty would unlock the 5* heroes. As for the event heroes, three completions of each tier would enable the rare, epic, and legendary heroes (or, if a player meets a certain ranking at the end of the event – say, the top three reward tiers – those heroes are automatically enabled). These rewards could be called “Hero/Knight/Lord of Atlantis” or “Favored/Hero/Knight of the Round Table”, and other such. Once a player has converted a TC to an ATC, these unlockable augments could then be selected, and the associated heroes would be spliced into the possible training results with the normal TC tier constraints.

For example: SH25 would retroactively enable the conversion of one training camp. Upon its completion, a player would then choose from among the unlocked augments. Then, paying the standard training costs, those heroes would be added to the available results. A Hero of the Round Table ATC would add Lancelot, Merlin, Bauchan, and other Camelot 3/4*s to the lists for the trainings at 12th - 20th levels of the ATC. Only ONE augment could be selected at a time, and only that specific pool of heroes would be added to the standard S1 heroes. If you want Proteus and Mitsuko, choose the Atlantis augment. If you are looking for more of the Golden Bacon (Gullinbursti is awesome!), choose Asgard.

The power creep is real. The ascension mats are still few and far between for more casual players. But giving even the F2P among us the chance at finding these heroes would be excellent. The suggestion I have made, and the idea of splicing in more heroes at HA8, BOTH give more players a greater ability to fine-tune their rosters. And, naturally, the whales would still be on top – no real change in revenue for SGG, I would wager.

Desirable heroes made attainable by everyone is a good thing.


I find it interesting, that at the moment there are 7% against this idea.
I mean I can’t see any reason to use HA8 at the moment, maybe if you are extremely unlucky, f2p and still missing wu.

But with event and Atlantis and maybe sometimes in the future S3 heroes in the pool I think a lot more people would use it, and I don’t think, that Sg would see any difference with the spending habits from players. Whoever spends money will still do so, to get the heroes fast and early.

The only 4* hero I’m missing is Gretel (and some season event heroes but they probably wouldn’t be in the pool) so I wouldn’t use it, but I still think it would be a great addition for unlucky players or f2p.

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I’ve mentioned to friends that it would be nice if the 3* and 4* trainings spots in Hero Academy offered the option to either train or retrain for a non-S1 3* or 4* hero, like how they were nice enough to have HA10 be an option for a different 5* hero with duplicates instead of having us feed them away and stick to pulling from portals.

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Furthermore, implementing my additional idea above would push for even more new material – namely in the form of new heroes.

Where is Galahad? Gawain? The Green Knight? Mordred? Morgause? Ambrosius? Sir Kay?

More 3- and 4-star heroes!!!

Its non realistic to expect any way to train only non s1 heroes, remember its SG dont expect too much from them they are greedy !!!

i think if they introduce it on HA8 with 5% chance its already a big step for all players
5% chance every 2 days seems ok to me

but dont expect anything more from SG, in fact i doubt they would ever allow non s1 4* training
thats their only way so sell their atlantis/ valhalla offers, they still want money from these summon portals


More realistic than the trashy chocolate teapot we currently have for HA8 which is of precisely zero use to anybody…

There are lots of us quietly fighting the good fight for you and everyone else. Hopefully one day SG will understand the concept of consumer goodwill and the long term revenue it brings.


I was hoping HA have the abilities to train for non vanilla 3* and 4*, was a bit disappointed when they weren’t and even more so when old seasonal 5* weren’t part of the list.

I even went farther and suggested that troop related functions be kept out of hero academy and moved to barracks. And with the freed up spaces from moving the troops functions out, can be used for such functions for heroes.

That support response was very much a head scratcher.


Having bonus drew Bertila, her title is “The Green Knight.” And her special skill feels like a variation of King Arthur’s animation.

Fair enough. I got FIVE Bertila, and never connected her to Arthur and Co. in that capacity, regardless of title.

But that missed detail on my part in no way undermines my point: there’s more material that can be used in every instance of additional story in-game. There may not be need to be exhaustive in that pursuit, but there’s nothing to be lost in expanding upon what’s already in place.

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it’s 9% as I type this, and I am also baffled. For players who already have many non-vanilla 3s and 4s, why should it be a problem? if they want dupes of these, they can benefit… and even if they only want the ones they are missing, it’s still another potential source, not like the existing sources will disappear…

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I suggest creating a similar topic in the “ideas and feature request” section and link to this poll.


I do agree that it shouldn’t feel like too much. Albeit them deciding to also introduce non-S1 costumes, S4 heroes w/ passives, and whatever the Starfall Circus event will be, with Ninja Tower and League of Villains existing as they do.

Unrelated, I do hope Bertila might have some form of a buff, if not just speeding up her mana speed.

Atlantis and Valhalla coins have been nerfed into oblivion now that S4 is out. SGG has a goal to make two different challenge events for each color, meaning most will only come around once per year. And seasonals are already once per year by default. So yeah, there needs to be another way to access the lower-tier heroes from those pools, because the opportunities to get them will soon be so rare that they will effectively be impossible to obtain. It took me three straight iterations of Guardians (i.e. 15 months) as F2P to get Falcon, and I still haven’t managed to get Jackal. Imagine if three straight iterations meant 30 months instead!


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