Adding Jabberwack to raid defense team?

Hello, any advice appreciated, my current def team is Malosi(7) ,Rigard c (18),Telluria (7), QoH (0), Clarissa (0), it sits 2100-2250 if i havnt been raiding. today i pulled Jabberwock, and i have Magni 4?53 on way to 4/80, im thinking replace clarissa as soon as Jabberwock ready get one of my palidens off team, will Magni help anywhere, and is that the right move with Jabberwock ?
Thanks for any imput

Gg jabber is so cool. Magni is good with tellu, i would place him in your defense. Malosi qoh tellu magni jabber is ok imo


Was going to suggest this exact defense. QoH and Magni flanks with Malosi and Jabber wings.

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Thanks, i can give all my fighter and monk emblems to those 2, 3 is too many paladens !

Jabber is a MENACE. So. Yeah. Of course.