Adding Defense Win Chest and New Raid Tier

  • Diamond 2400 -2700
    *Ruby(sapphire, or whatever ^^) 2700+
    with increased hams and irons for this resource hungry game( ascension items drop rate can stay as is ,since i can’t notice the difference between Platinum and Diamond from my experience (all crap drop rate :smile:)

*I don’t know for sure rather this has been discussed, but it would be nice if SG implement
this(new tower raid defended, maybe 10 wins?) more hams,irons would be nice, also this will discourage players not to trophy drop.

*Lastly why not add raid revenge fulfilled chest(5-6 wins perhaps?)or added to POV.

Just a thoughts… what do guys think?

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Regarding the new Raid Tier:

“Defence Win Reward” in PoV:

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