Adding choice of war effects in friendly matches/fight yourself

Thats why I stated its premium feature :slight_smile:

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Why we cant take food and iron :frowning:

Dear SG,

First thank you for finally implementing this feature, it has a lot of defense team testing benefits within an alliance. Unfortunately we still only drive a lada instead of a mercedes (no offense to lada owners).

The current mechanism feels only like a demo version of what it could be. I know additional features were requested during beta - and even if the allocated development time for this did only allow to release a limited version, I hope it could receive a bit more attention and additional coding.

What I miss the most and consider it as top priority:

  • Allow us to choose a war or tournament rule when starting a friendly battle.


  • The current mechanism only allows us to test alliance member defense teams in the environment of a standard raid defense ruleset. For most of us this is not the most or only important aspect of the game. Testing war defense setups within the existing rulesets (arrow, rush, horde, etc) is almost impossible to simulate and the testing with the standard ruleset does not give us a real picture of what our defense team can do. The same is valid for tournament preparations and testing in tournament conditions as bloody battle or buff booster.

Additional UI improvement option:

  • In relation to the above, I believe it would be preferred if we would not need to change our raid defenses for testing. Sometimes we need to test setups that are not ideal for standard raid defense and leave it there for a longer time for our alliance mates to attack. Or we would like to test our 3 or 4 star defenses for upcoming tournaments. A separate place to set our friendly battle defenses would be most welcome.

Thank you, Ronny


Would be cool if we could set extra fast, bloody battle or buff booster rules on for friendly battles - so we can practise a bit ahead of time

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As my topic suggests, I would love to see a option implemented, to attack my own teams. This option should not be limited to my current defense team but in a separate “arena” where I freely can choose heroes from my roster for attack and defense. A specific hero might be part of the attack and the defense team but within a team doubling heroes is only allowed when a corresponding amount of duplicates is available in the roster. Diverse match buffs usually applied in tournaments and war should be freely selectable as well.

This would make it a lot more effective to “test fight” own attack and defense teams in various situations and with various buffs like encountered in war and tournament!

Happy for your suggestions!


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Why did you move my post in this thread, which is 3 months old? This thread is exclusively about implementing the possibility to add battle effects in friendly matches…

My post was about the implementation of a possibility to create battles with heroes of my roster against myself. In my eyes a completely different topic! The option for battle effects was only a secondary suggestion, for which I was moved here.

Could you please clarify this, so that I understand and hence, be able to do it differently next time?

Just moving it to a 3 months old secondary related post feels a little bit like “SHUT UP” for me!

Hello, People have asked in this thread to attack yourself aswell, if you read it.
Threads get moved as things has been discussed before it’s a way of keeping things all together. Even though this thread is old the main thing is the votes at the top.
More votes by players can show how popular a topic is a can hopefully be put into the game at some point.

I see this thread as all suggestions to be put into friendly battles as random threads might get lost in the fourm.


I would like to propose that in friendly raids, the different fields of war could also be emulated. And the reason why I propose it is to have the opportunity to practice strategies among ourselves … And that this would improve the problem that many known colleagues (5) have left the game due to the annoyance of being the last many, many times, regardless of the rooster, or troops you have. there are fields that are very complicated for some of us.:wink:

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You definitely have my support on this. I personally would love to see the rest of my team take on some of the defenses we have the commentary and comedy would be amazing LMAO

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Thank you, I hope you do something to help improve the results of wars, sometimes you want to blame yourself for not having a good strategy. Months ago I convinced my best friend not to leave the game, since she was tired of not scoring points in war and for several weeks, now I am in the same situation. although I also think that some kind of difficulty is activated for some players. the bad thing is that I’ve been like this for weeks .not matter what you try I always see opposite puzzles enough for the héros never charge the mana… and I’m about to switch to ep … for a ps5 and it will be much cheaper at this point

As soon as you realize that you cannot take this game personally and believe that Randomness and craziness is going to happen no matter how hard you try you’ll be fine. You’ve got to find the fun in it otherwise you will burn out. I tell all my peeps the same thing. It’s easy to get frustrated but just play slow and laugh with the team. Another thing I can suggest is record your hits and post them in line see what others would have done differently or if you were just cursed sometimes that’s all it takes they have great laughs and learn. We all been there. :kiss:

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Thank you for always having our back. :heart: :popcorn:

During war preparation phase you can battle your teammates war defense with the current war mode active eg attack defense with Rush rules active.

You could actually try this by temporarily putting your war defence team as your raid defence.

Kind of. You can test their defense, but not with the war effects such as Rush, Arrow Attack, etc. The suggestion is to have the war effects in play when you are battling an alliance member/teammate.

I like this idea actually. While my alliance does test war defenses without the war effects, it would be fun to see how things would change if we had to take the effects into account.


Sounds like a good idea.
Perhaps another one to add to the long list of QOL suggestions…
But I doubt it will be a priority for SG


I think it would help alot of people if we were able to fight our own defense.

You have 5 flags to fight anyone in your alliance and you can ask your alliance mates to test your defense. But fighting your own team why? don’t you want to know how your defense does stand when others attack with their roster?

Because I can use my own heroes. And experience it my self to see what works and what doesn’t. I have more heroes than most of my alliance.

I like the idea of battling everyone you want, without prizes or anything like the intra-alliance battles but for every player you like.
For example you take a look at the top 100 players and there is a “Battle” button where you can fight his/ her defensive, just for training. 5 a day.

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