Adding chance for one piece of stuff

Sorry for my english, it is not my natural language.
I play E&P since few months now and i have some good heroes leveling up slowly. Now i need fine gloves to ascend, not one, but 5 heroes in the next few days and surely 5 more in few weeks.
But since 3 months i play everyday, i did’nt get only one of this item. But some of my teammates have 3 or 4 of this item, so it is not impossible to have, the probability is not so low in general.
I only can get it with chest, so i can’t for exemple farm it by fight in the same province again and again as i did for tall boots.

That’s why i propose that every player could choose one object in the game he wanted to have the most and for this items, the probability to have it in a chest would be increased (x2 or x3).
This choice could be changed every two or three weeks, it could be only possible for player over 1000 trophies or more or with a defense team over 2600… but i think, it is important not to be blocked several weeks in our progressing because of the lack of one item like i surely will be soon.
Thank you for your consideration