Adding a tiny XP bar into Heroes menu

I’m struggling to understand this sentence. If you follow @FraVit93’s wise suggestion and put your projects in Team 1, then they are very easy to find. Here’s mine:

Even if you’re training more than five (and I’m very puzzled why you are doing so), the display always shows the higher experience instance of a hero before the others. For example, my two Misandras—easy to spot which one is senior when I get back to training her.

Again, I just don’t find it useful knowing where exactly within level 2/55 Misandra sits. What I care about is that she’s second ascension, five levels short of moving to third ascension.

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Also, we set high standards for civility on these forums. Insulting other members is not tolerated. Criticize the idea, not the person.

As I wrote to @fravita93, I did it one week ago.

Your startegy is to choose the Heroes to level up. You setup that startegy because the GUI do not easily allow any other strategy rather than choose your heroes to grow and do it.

Your startegy implies to kept focused on it. It is a lock-in strategy. Once you get in, you should stick to it because the “sunk cost bias” = “we spent too much effort to do that, that we cannot admit that were wrong”.

A static 5 heroes dynamic strategy could be overpassed by a 5×2+2 dynamic/opportunistic sstrategu. The 20% of waste – the same you did using others colored heroes to feed trained heroes because 180->150 XP pt. but on 2* the gap is bigger [¹] – could be used to raise a 2nd team.

Raise two team at one allows to have much more team combination {training, defence, attack, titans, endurance, quick-mana’ers}. The training team in the 1st slot, it is not anymore an advantage. However, I bought the 6th slot because it was useful to have one more team.

Now, the startegy of having a one team that wins all, it is amusing but – as far as I can see at my level – having multiple teams, each of every convenience is gratifying because in this way I can beat opponent +300 pt. more powerful points than me [2].

[¹] I am not deadly sure about 2* and I am going to check again then edit this msg.

[²] this is another interesting thing to discuss about. As many and as much powerful teams I won, many more powerful team the game choose to face my heroes. It makes sense. However, because I pushed the things up to fight a 2550 with a less than 2000, it starts to became an up&down situation. I win win win – loose loose loose – win win win, etc. This mean that the algorithm of 1:1 battles is averaging too slowly. Once it starts to ripple, it continues to ripples. This because the hero growth curve by-pass his 2nd level math adaptive algorithm.

Ok, I can see that starting out. I have 77 leveled heroes, so I have the depth already and just focus on waste-free leveling. There is a variant on the matches-colorntraiing, wherein you stop feeding 1* to high-level 5* around 4/40 and feed those to the next hero in queue.

In any case, I really like your idea for troops.

@kerridoc, about civilisation I hope you have just realised that this game is based onto the worst of the worst of humankind.

We are playing as villains, terrorists, murders, robbers, etc. We do it, over and over, for fun. Against those are different from us and we call them monsters and we represent them as devil possessed bodies.

Paradoxically, we are forced to be polite. Forced, because you edited my post and I am not going to re-edit it because it has been read.

So we are politically correct people that play as villains. It is amusing such level of civilization.

Might I save you to repost here the argument about the fact that girls complained that female heroes are eye-candy while male heroes are beasty?

Should I, really? :joy:

Then it would be off-topic and I’d have to flag it. #forum-rules exist, and @Rook and I just try to keep everyone to a common standard.

Normally offensive posts are just pulled, but there was helpful discussion at the top that I didn’t want to be lost.


Hey @Robang74

Told you yesterday in another #idea . Take some time to know the game better and what needs to be improved.
Love your enthusiasm, but try to be more with “us”. Im certain you will have a good contribution overall. Just take some time to observe more.

Cheers! :wink:


I see your point. However, I am wondering why such heat about a feature request like a XP tiny bar into some Heroes (In-Use & Favourites) which – in the worst scenario – di not bring any advantage to anyone and in the best scenario could help many to make decisions faster without imparing anybody game.

Two hypothesis about that:

  1. the number of the feature that SG could deliver is limited and long-term players are waiting that more interesting features will be added to continue to enjoy the game.

  2. long term players are “conservative” in the sense that any feature that could change the game strategy to reach or keeping the top positions make them uncomfortable.

I bet that the reality is a mix of these two, both.

Fortunately, this thread engaged also a long term players problem which is also related to the Hero Roaster (or Hero Management GUI) and this is a good sign that I am not the only one which feel a little bit uncomfortable with such part of the game.

After all, considering the whole set of changes that has been discussed here, the XP tiny bar is the less impacting one. Moreover – because since the beginning it has been proposed as “tiny” = “minimal visual impact” – I am confident that the day SG will take care of HR also this tiny feature would be considered and probably added.

Why? In other post there is a request that heroes could earn XP also when they are used. Because some long term players would like to play with “curious and interesting heroes but not enough powerful”.

After all, my strategy to develop two 5H teams plus two reserves goes in that direction also. With six different assorted team, I can have fun to play the same level or against the same 1:1 challenger with different teams.

I honestly do not see any utility for this additional xp bar. If you want to know which hero to level, just watch the level. If you want more detail, just go to his file. There’s no need to change that.

I really like the idea of being able to hide favorited heroes when leveling heroes. They can not be selected and only serve to frustrate players with many heroes when leveling heroes. A toggle for this would be nice.