Adding a tiny XP bar into Heroes menu

The problem is this is a lot of heroes when you get later into the game. I have 122 used/favorited heroes at this point. That was my point about scrolling through a lot of them.

I wouldn’t want to see bars on 122+ heroes.

I’d rather a way to hide favorited heroes when selecting feeders — they can’t be selected anyway, so no reason to show them.

I’ve eaten what must be, at this point, tens of thousands of heroes. So the 122 favorited are just the lucky survivors. :wink:

There’s a reason why we are the baddies.


We are the baddies, you are right! :joy:

Anyway, it seems that top players have the need to buy an upgrade heroes management.


Favourite and In-Use heroes would stay at current size while the meat heroes would be presented iconised like troops.

*** ADVANCED ***

In-Use heroes would stay at current size while favourite could be iconised like troops while meat heroes shown iconised at half of the size than troops (so they will be compressed by four times 2x2).

However, the smallest heroes icons would be too small to be managed, instead of ten per rows, it could be seven as displayed in this image.

The heros need to have an de/iconising icon like in this second image

This is getting closer to a nice UI improvement for my preferences.

One rub: Level, Ascension Chevrons, and Power are critical information for favorited but not in-use heroes when selecting them for building teams for raids, War, events, quests, and titans.

I come back to my earlier thought — the simplest solution is likely one where favorited heroes aren’t shown in the list when selecting feeders to use.

That’s been suggested before, at the least by @Kerridoc:

Do not show favourites, do not allow us to recognise that some favourites are not anymore so much favourite and could be sacrificed.

Using the three level iconised heroes’ roaster we would have this information before the training and thus when we are going to train a hero, we do not need anymore to see favourites in gray.

This three-levels heroes iconosation would solve two problems at the same time. And adding the XP tiny bar to those are on favourite/in-use, three at the same time.

In this image is shown how to depict the XP tiny bar into favourites (in vertical, on the left in purple for the purple hero).

I’m up to 166 Favorite heroes. Ah well. But only 77 of those have been leveled up at least one ascension level.

My favorites fall into several categories:

  1. Fully leveled 4* and 5* that I would consider for use in a battle
  2. 3* for Epic-only events
  3. Heroes in training
  4. Heroes in waiting (planning on training at some point)
  5. Collectibles (heroes I’m not willing to part with but are unlikely ever to level)

The current hero roster mechanics force me to clump all of these together as “favorite.” I’d really rather have folders. Only category #3 (heroes in training) would benefit from the proposed XP bar. What I really want is folders to park all of these category 2, 4 & 5 heroes (101 heroes in my inventory).

BTW, I really like the idea of adding the XP bar on troops. That would be a great addition.

Me too, and we’re not alone:

(I also cited you a couple weeks ago in my aggregation post in that thread.)

Hero XP tiny bar is useful on favourite and in-use heroes despite the N* because what I wrote at the beginning of this thread. Quick choice – choose at one sight – the hero that could easily leveled up. Begginers would like this because we need to go through each hero to decide and it easy to loose the whole picture when selected heroes goes above 5 (# of heroes that we have to manage in pararell because we use it or because we are going to use it in the future).

It is tiny to have the least visual impact but still informative enough for the choice.

This folder idea is great.
May I suggest another variation of this.

Have 4 tabs. 1 for each 3,4 and 5 hero and the last for feeders 1 and 2 star.

Each tab would have the current ability to increase it’s block size/amount.

When you click on level of a hero it automatically takes you to the feeders tab page.

I feel this woukd greatly help organization of heros.

As for the OP progress bar although the thought is based on simply wanting a quick visual of progress and not in anyway bad idea as it doesn’t look the busy displaying it on a single hero having a full roster of these bars woukd look and appear annoying especially once your heros are fully leveled in which case it becomes useless.

What may work though keeping you same concept is the progress bar incorporated into the frame/border of the hero. For example it starts off lighter and darkens up to it’s current colour as it fills up and stays that colour once fully leveled.

As long as the bar wasn’t shown either on 1/1 heroes or maxed heroes, there wouldn’t be much visual clutter. Nearly all of my heroes are at one extreme or the other.


:+1: 100% agreed …

This is how the XP tiny bar would appear into 1/2 size hero. In the 1/1 size hero the XP bar is depicted by the default (experience).

The XP tiny bar helps in choosing at glace the hero which is easier to level-up.

Look at the Red Cure. I used cyan colour to improve the contrast between the hero and the area in which the XP tiny bar would be fit.

The visual impact is very minimal and would stay into the minimal space between the ascending level and hero frame.

Another place to fit the XP tiny bar is between the the Level and the Name text.


Hero at 5* which could have XP at 3000 pt, how the XP tiny bar would useful? I think you aren’t using 1* to feed them up because AFAIK the limitation of training heroes remains 10.

The answer is saturation logarithmic scale. Let me explain with an example.


The common hero at 2* would be trained with heroes at 1* which add 130 or 150 depending the match of the colours. The 5* hero trained with same colour 1* heroes would require 20 to fill an entire level passing through.

In a 5* hero scenario the difference between (A) 3000-150=2850 and (B) 3000-300=2700 would be 1/20 of the XP tiny scale the same difference between 18 and 19. Very difficult to see. You are right.

Semi logarithmic scale would help us to highlight that the heroe (A) requires less effort to pass.


Imagine a bar of 10 pieces stick together.
The first piece would be 2px long, the second piece would be 2² = 4px long and the 10th piece would be 1024px long. The whole bar would be 2047px long. On this scale the difference between the last piece are half of the bar.


Like above but the pieces length follow a different rule like this one:

L(n) = (2^n) / n

With a bar of 10 pieces the last piece would be long 102px and the whole bar would be long

2 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 11 + 18 + 32 + 57 + 102 = 235

How to draw the (A) and (B) heroes on this near logarithmic scale? Each piece account for 3000 /10 = 300 XP so the (A) and the (B) are in the beginning and in the middle of the 10th segment. Which means (B) is at 57% of the bar and (A) is at the 78%. The (F) is the full scale:

(A) ###########
(B) ################
(F) ####################

On the linear scale it would have been

(A) #################
(B) ###################
(F) ####################


At the beginning the near-logarithmic scale is pretty linear. So for a hero of 1200 xp the last segment is 2x longer than the first segment. While for an hero of 3000 xp the last segment is 50x longer than the 1st segment.

Um, sorry…i dont do math. But we do feed 5* heros 1* feeders. You just spend a whole bunch of ham and use a whole bunch of feeders!

It would be even better. Because if the 1* heroes are the standard trainers also in higher levels, it means that in average it needs 20 × 1* to complete a level so the math for the 10 segments bar with half-segment granularity is fine.

The near-logarithmic will perform as linear in the lower levels and as logarithmic in the higher levels. This would make the magic to give all the players a quick glance of which would be the hero nearest to pass the level among the others.

Interesting idea, i still find it visually unappealing. How long have you been playing?

Three weeks more ore less

I think you’ll find you’ve developed a solution to a problem that no one has after playing for a month.not to say it’s a bad idea, I just am unconvinced it’s providiing information that most players would find useful—at least after they’ve spent some time here.

I hope you’re reading here widely. There is a wealth of information to help a new player avoid all the mistakes the more experienced players made early on. Particularly:

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I believe in what the inventor of the car, said once: if I would ask to my clients what they would like to have as a better way to move around they would answer a faster horse or a more comfortable horse van. I made the car, instead.

However, at that time everybody had under they nose the sh-t of horse. Under their shoes, etc.

This to say that nobody see the problem because the problem was everywhere. Thus widely accepted. Who invented the car was annoyed by horse shitting. I easily get annoyed by repetitive actions – so, I see what other cannot see because they did so many times that they accepted as a standard – more time you have played more time you find a way to accept things “as is”.

The XP tiny bar would relief a lot of shitty annoying repetitive task like check the hero status just to have a quick look to XP level.

Nobody, felt the need for it simply because it does not exist. Once, it would exist they will use it and ask for improvements. Visual improvements, possibly. I know because I developed many GUI and managed their UX with the customers.

So, the hero’s level & ascension tier isn’t enough to see what hero we are currently leveling?

The exp level would appear once we start leveling said hero anyways…

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Not for decide with a glimpse of eyes – just scrolling the Heroes Page (or Heroes Roaster) – which hero is easier to level-up among many.

Unless you have enough resources to level-up every hero you want. Unless you have so few hero to level-up that you haven’t any choice embarrassing. Unless you are focusing in leveling-up the hero you decided to level-up despite every odds.

I do not play in that way. I play with an opportunistic approach. I level up those heroes that are promising when they level-up is convenient and when resources are enough because others part of the game are waiting for some kind of event or locked.

This is not a change to make the job of training a hero. This is a change to develop a strategy in how/when/who level-up. When players will have this information, they will use because it will be under their eyes. If they do not have, they are continuing to play with a strategy which do not require this information immediately available for all the heroes (favourites and in-use) with an eye glimpse.

Why? Because the effort of – acquiring these information going through many heroes and memorise them all in order to make a comparison – it is simply to exausting to make as a standard action every time they have to level-up a hero.

After all, why you are so annoyed by the idea of adding a XP tiny bar on some heroes icons?

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