Adding a tiny XP bar into Heroes menu

The Heroes menu shows all heroes and allows to increase their levels or cast for an ascention. However to decide faster which heroes worth to be trained, a tiny [HP] XP bars would be useful in that menu for each heroes.

As you can see in this screenshot, that bar would be quite small and low-impacting but giving the most of the information for the purpose.

The Yellow Panda has a tiny [HP] XP bar embedded into into its icon.

What would the hp bar indicate, exactly?

Are you imagining that it would be fuller/longer for heroes with more hp? Since that would progress with star ratings, ascensions, and levels, how would that distinguish it from the information already shown?

Reading minds

Not sure why OP suggested it.

Stat bars

Many mobile games that have max possible stats use such a bar to indicate How strong is my hero? How strong is he compared to Max in this stat ( the utility Poke Genie does this for Pokémon GO ).

Personally I find it confuses new players and adds little value for old players.

However it is a quick visual to see how an individual hero’s stat is balanced. So it could be useful with the talent grid.

This is my suspicion too.

If there were an hp bar, it’d only make sense to have attack and defense too. That’s a lot of visual noise in a small space.

And I don’t know what the scale would be that would be distinguishable. If the bars were scaled to the highest possible stats in the game, they’d be tiny bars on 1* and 2*, which wouldn’t help new players much, and experienced players don’t really need it. (See above.)


It would indicate the level of experience of the hero and it would be useful to have an idea of how many other heros I need to use to train the hero up to the next level.

In such a way, with a look to the heros page, I can immediately identify the hero that it will pass to the next level soon/earlier and choose it instead of viewing many cards to decide.

Interesting idea, but when you are in late stage leveling of 5* heros you seriously have like 3000 or more hp.

The best method for leveling your heros is to pick one of each color and work on it feeding it same color feeders. You do this until you reach the ascension material wall and you can’t level any more. So, a 3* can be fed all the way up to max. A 4* to 3/60 and a 5* to 2/60. This wall is where you would spend things like compasses, gloves snd other unfarmable materials that have a rare drop rate.

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Ah! So your idea actually isn’t really an HP (health) bar, it’s an XP (experience) bar.

You want it to show progress on experience points to the next level. Got it!

As @Starryeyedgryph said, as players get into the game more, they typically are either leveling 5 heroes at once, one of each color, or some people prefer to work on one project or two at a time and sacrifice the 20% bonus for matching the color of feeders to progress faster on specific heroes.

By the time you get to either point, most players aren’t particularly paying attention to individual level increases, but rather working toward completion of a particular ascension tier based on their goals and the ascension materials they have available.

I suspect this would be a more useful feature very early in the game, when you have fairly few feeders for leveling your heroes. That phase of the game doesn’t really last super long in the scheme of the many months to multiple years that active players ultimately continue playing.

I’ll be curious to see if you continue finding this to be a useful feature as you get further into the game.

But it does seem like something that could potentially be added relatively easily if it gets votes and appeals to the developers.


Right, but helping people in early stage with a more performant GUI increase the ratio with which they progress and thus keep gaming.

After all, it would not impair those are in upper level and focus in training a specific hero. A discrete bar that it would be useful for those feel the need and could be ignored by other.

Less than a bar, just a tiny bar – a visible line. Because the purpose is not to give a detailed information but a rule of thumb to act/choose.

Not per se, no, although to be honest if it existed I’d want a way to turn it off at this point. It would be a lot of added visual noise in a large roster later on in the game.

But I agree, things that help players in early stages and assist them in learning more and sticking around are excellent additions to the game. :+1:


Look at this picture. It is very discrete. I proposed in such a way because for clean essential interface: just the information that some people require without changing the habits of many others.

The Panda has the XP bar (full) others are as usual without any tiny bar added.

I chose Panda because it is the one in which the tiny bar has the biggest impact.

The Panda image is not aligned like others heroes but lower. Check the forehead line level and you will recognise that Panda is depicted lower than others heroes into the frame (eyes lines are aligned but Panda have a face larger than taller so it occupy more the lower part of the frame than the higher one). So the bar would have a bigger impact on this icon than others.

I take your point, but in reality the levels are themselves the XP indicator.

Compared to most games, a “level” in those games is an “ascension level” here. Ascension level is quickly spotted by the chevrons. Your progress towards the next chevron is measured by the level number.

What you’re suggesting—visual tracking of progress within a level, is measuring something that’s too granular. People feed heroes in batches, and it’s typical to gain many levels per feeding.

Although I agree that your proposed interface change is clean, I just don’t see it adding any practical value.


It’s not the individual bars that would have visual impact…it’s scrolling through 135 of them that I suspect could get a little visually noisy.

I actually think what this identifies is something that’s been discussed a bit before — that it’d be useful to have a different roster view when you’re leveling heroes that let you make some manual placements of the heroes you’re working on, left out favorited heroes you were clearly not going to feed to others, and emphasized available feeders for use.

If an interface like that ever existed, having more leveling-related information in it like experience bars would be hugely helpful and logical.


At this time favourite and used heroes stay on the top of Heroes Page. They could be sorted by many criterias (even if, it seems that some criteria sort like power is bugged – however).

The tiny bar could be displayed only on favourite and in-use heroes but not others (which are collectible meat for training).

I would like to see a clear horizontal division between favourite / in-use heroes and the others.

Finally, adding another criteria like “XP to level up” in reversed order (lesser before) could be useful. But more useful would be having a “personal” order on the top of the Heroes Page.

The meat sorted by criteria and the favourite/in-use sorted by the player. It is called two frames windows. The Hilton and the Barracks! :slight_smile:

Like in this picture in which Hilton Heroes are fully presented and the Barracks Heroes (meat for training) are just iconised like troops or enlisted live voices in a list so it would be even easier to scroll among them.

Usually an Option with a check to choose new/old interface is usually a good idea for the short term. Once the new interface collects consensus, the new one became standard and the old is scheduled to fade away. The new gamers would have the new interface as default, like old could choose which one.

This is how a GUI tradition could be handled smoothly.Screenshot_20190121-194819-01

The problem is this is a lot of heroes when you get later into the game. I have 122 used/favorited heroes at this point. That was my point about scrolling through a lot of them.

I wouldn’t want to see bars on 122+ heroes.

I’d rather a way to hide favorited heroes when selecting feeders — they can’t be selected anyway, so no reason to show them.

I’ve eaten what must be, at this point, tens of thousands of heroes. So the 122 favorited are just the lucky survivors. :wink:

There’s a reason why we are the baddies.


We are the baddies, you are right! :joy:

Anyway, it seems that top players have the need to buy an upgrade heroes management.


Favourite and In-Use heroes would stay at current size while the meat heroes would be presented iconised like troops.

*** ADVANCED ***

In-Use heroes would stay at current size while favourite could be iconised like troops while meat heroes shown iconised at half of the size than troops (so they will be compressed by four times 2x2).

However, the smallest heroes icons would be too small to be managed, instead of ten per rows, it could be seven as displayed in this image.

The heros need to have an de/iconising icon like in this second image

This is getting closer to a nice UI improvement for my preferences.

One rub: Level, Ascension Chevrons, and Power are critical information for favorited but not in-use heroes when selecting them for building teams for raids, War, events, quests, and titans.

I come back to my earlier thought — the simplest solution is likely one where favorited heroes aren’t shown in the list when selecting feeders to use.

That’s been suggested before, at the least by @Kerridoc:

Do not show favourites, do not allow us to recognise that some favourites are not anymore so much favourite and could be sacrificed.

Using the three level iconised heroes’ roaster we would have this information before the training and thus when we are going to train a hero, we do not need anymore to see favourites in gray.

This three-levels heroes iconosation would solve two problems at the same time. And adding the XP tiny bar to those are on favourite/in-use, three at the same time.

In this image is shown how to depict the XP tiny bar into favourites (in vertical, on the left in purple for the purple hero).

I’m up to 166 Favorite heroes. Ah well. But only 77 of those have been leveled up at least one ascension level.

My favorites fall into several categories:

  1. Fully leveled 4* and 5* that I would consider for use in a battle
  2. 3* for Epic-only events
  3. Heroes in training
  4. Heroes in waiting (planning on training at some point)
  5. Collectibles (heroes I’m not willing to part with but are unlikely ever to level)

The current hero roster mechanics force me to clump all of these together as “favorite.” I’d really rather have folders. Only category #3 (heroes in training) would benefit from the proposed XP bar. What I really want is folders to park all of these category 2, 4 & 5 heroes (101 heroes in my inventory).

BTW, I really like the idea of adding the XP bar on troops. That would be a great addition.

Me too, and we’re not alone:

(I also cited you a couple weeks ago in my aggregation post in that thread.)

Hero XP tiny bar is useful on favourite and in-use heroes despite the N* because what I wrote at the beginning of this thread. Quick choice – choose at one sight – the hero that could easily leveled up. Begginers would like this because we need to go through each hero to decide and it easy to loose the whole picture when selected heroes goes above 5 (# of heroes that we have to manage in pararell because we use it or because we are going to use it in the future).

It is tiny to have the least visual impact but still informative enough for the choice.