Add "Your Global Alliance Rank"

When you tap on top alliances, there should be a Global Alliance Rank banner on the bottom when you enter the ranking page like there is for solo… If not for all for then for the leaders… it would be nice to know

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Dear Devs
Thankyou for adding an alliance ranking banner. Now i can see where my alliance is ranked as we are aspiring to climb as high as we can and can use it to assess our progress and where we stand. When i first posted about it 2 months ago, we were attacking 4/5* titans and now we are attacking 7/8*. We are now ranked 2168 but have been as high as 1730 when we defeated our first 8* but now we are back on 7* and have dropped -2000 titan score. Which has ment it dropped us 430 spots in alliance ranking.
Thankyou for adding the banner and listening


I was looking for such a thread, I wanted if this was a good ranking or bad one.

Only noticed this was there last week after having played for over 2.5yrs, :rofl: