Add troop quest, similar to recruit quests?


So, I did some searching on here and have not seen the purposed idea of a troop quest. I personally feel that having a quest out in the rotation that rewards random troops to assist in training would be beneficial to everyone. Gathering troops via missions is a long and daunting task with what seems like a zero guarantee.


I strongly agree. Or a list of best places to farm for troops, although those you get from the map are all 1* Great idea, hope it gets some traction.


You can get 2 star troops from map as well


Thanks, I will watch for them,


Mai had a list of where to get things from the map (not just items)…not sure if she listed Troops:

EDIT: looks like it’s just “resources, recruits, items”. I’ll leave it up if that helps someone else. :confused:


If not quests, it would be equally as helpful if we could opt to train recruits as troops vs hero’s.