Add trainer heroes to 'Daily Summons'

You can buy trainer heroes in the shop, 3 for 300 gems… why not add 1, 2, and 3 star trainer heroes to the daily summons? With the new Alliance War feature, we need to train 30 heroes. This would greatly improve the ability to do this more effectively, especially at the upper ascension levels.

You sir have win the internet.

(aka, i like your idea)


When I first started playing back in July you could farm them on the map…they were rare enough but if I burned all my world energy farming a particular level, I more often then not got 1 trainer hero somewhere along the line. I miss not getting them through farming.

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I feel a simple change would make grey tokens far more valuable. Add 1 star trainer heroes as a 3% chance and 2 stars as a 1% chance from grey summon tokens and there will be far more VIP members, less complaining about grey tokens as chest rewards, etc. Obviously my percentages may need tweaking, but the idea is there nonetheless.

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