Add Tomes to Path of Valor

The title says it all. Relics/harvesters are practically useless, noone considers them as high value items.

Meanwhile, tomes are far more helpful. If the goal with tomes was to, quote, “improve loot for all of our players”, then them being in a guaranteed place somewhere is better, as players who suffer from bad rng won’t get them in war chests/rare titans any time soon.

So imho tomes should replace relics on the PoV. Haven’t heard of a single person who would be excited to unlock lvl 49 “Omnia Harvester”; this item doesn’t do anything (yet is still infinitely better than recruit or iron harvester…). It’s not worthy of being almost last reward on PoV.

Great idea. Tomes should be in the Path Somewhere. And also a chance to get them in the chests (unless they are already in them).

Also this has just reminded me that I have an omni harvester. Might put it to use today as there is little else going on in the game…


Superb idea :slight_smile:
You have my vote :slight_smile:


I think best place would be in these chests on lvl50 and above. Even if not guaranteed, if there will be a chance to get them these chests would be more interesting.
maybe instead of iron/food chest could be 3,33% chance for each of legendary tomes, 10% for epic, 10% for single golden token and remaining 70% for iron/food chest.
Now there is no point in fighting for levels over 48, you don’t even get unique avatar.

This is a great suggestion. I like the idea got my vote.

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