Add timer to attack history in war

As we have only war timer for now, it’s not easy to track who attacked/was attacked when. So to resolve it, please add a timer to Attack History column in war that would help to keep track, especially during flip.

Where: Battlefield -> Attack Info -> Attack history :

How: Attacker -score- Victim -time-


Attacker <50> Victim 10h
Attacker <50> Victim 3h
Attacker <50> Victim 3m
Attacker <50> Victim 3s

Yes, this would be nice.
Maybe some visualization would be good about that how many times was an opponent or ally defeated.
So we can calculate with that if we defeat it again then how much time will pass for the next resurrection.

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Oh yeah, that sounds good too! For now, we have to scroll a lot to see that. I guess this can be shown maybe in the info of the player in battlefield :thinking:

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