Add the titanium in the region of Atlantis

Good day! Offer for stage Atlantis add your Titan and add the same 3 hits. Get 3 hits in the first area on Titan and 3 hits on Titan in Atlantis.

Are you suggesting two Titans at once or to be able to hit the Titan 6 times instead of 3 if you’ve unlocked season 2, or something else?

I apologize but I do not understand the request, Can you clarify what you mean by adding a titan in the Atlantis stages?

You could do off-rotation titans, like if your alliance kills a titan and you have 15 hrs until the next one (like mine right now) one could appear for like 12 hrs in Atlantis, so the challenge would be less time to kill a similar leveled titan.

Titan is in the usual location and it is given 3 attacks. Offer even the location of Atlantis to add your individual titanium and it to allocate a separate 3 attacks. In each location (conventional and Atlantis) your Titan and your attacks and, respectively, with each Titan their prizes.