Add Support for Hyperlinks in Game Chat Text

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


I’m really surprised this doesn’t gain more traction? Seems like a great QoL upgrade for E&P?


Thanks @zephyr1! Much appreciated :wink:

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I’m surprised aswell. The idea is simple with no negative impact to SGG’s bottom line. I guess everyone else is concerned with getting their Blue Sky ideas implemented instead of focusing on the small wins like this. I’m going to put this out to my Alliance and Peer Support in Global Chat to generate more interest. Will you do the same @PapaHeavy for your Alliance? :slight_smile:

Please NOTE : I continue to Encourage our Members in Visiting E&P’s Forum.
As a Leader who strives in keeping Alliance Members informed of SGG’s latest Announcements, I’m Requesting a Feature.
The Updated v22 has prompted me in Creating this Topic. Members are chatting about their inability to Upgrade their Strongholds to Level 21.
I posted how they can access “More Info” from the game’s Inbox, only if they haven’t Deleted the Inbox message regarding v22.
~~> My New Feature Request : A way to “Share/Forward” SGG & Developers Announcements, via E&P’s Forum Site to our Alliance’s homepage. I’m currently copying by hand, and posting the much needed information in our Chat box.
Since I’m not familiar with “copy and paste”, I’m not sure if that’s even an option?
I occasionally remind Members how important it is to “read-read-read” any and all information available to them. This “Feature” would be incredibly helpful to more than players and Leaders! :smiley:
Thank you for your time.

Greetings… I’m wondering if you use an outside communication app. like Line because you could easily share links to relevant posts with your alliance - saves having to copy by hand (gosh you are dedicated!)


SSG Message

Perhaps a solution to the problem would be a Featured Small Giant Game Message added to the Inbox? Reusing the code might save time. Might not.


We cannot send mail ( good call Devs ). I noticed the Devs added expiration dates to the mail messages.

Maybe replace the message system with a News section like Niantic uses for Pokémon GO where the Devs control the displayed “News”, it’s order, and it’s removal.


Hello Sarah2,

I truly appreciate your statement, “gosh you are dedicated!”! Yes I am.

I am the “last one standing”, of the 3 original Co-Creators of Viking Warriors Alliance! I recently realized that we created the Alliance just after the Release of “Empires & Puzzles : RPG”, over TWO years ago.

I am not familiar with the tool (?) app you mentioned. I thank you so much for your quick reply. :+1: This saves me precious time. Now I can benefit from this time saving option, by getting back to my real life beckoning me​:exclamation:


Dawn Blanchard

aka “White¤Warrior”


I checked out the suggested communication app. Whoa! 116 MB?
Are you familiar with “LINE: Lite”? 5.? MB. I’m not clear on “how to” use either app for “Posting to E&P homepage”? Screenshots via my Email? Addressed to?

Thanks again!

Please view screenshots.

Hey @Metis
I think there are more functions with Line vs Line lite (happy to be corrected). You create your own account once you download the app. Create a chat group and invite your friends - obviously they need a Line app Id as well.

Happy to help once you get connected (disclaimer I’m not an expert but I know the basics) . Line Id. Sarah_friendofbella (it was my sister who got me into this game, made sense at the time but a simplier one would have been better).

I know people also use discord, as an alternative communication app.
Good luck.


Thank you for sharing your Lite ID, and the other app’s name. I really appreciate you taking the time out for replying more than once, and the very helpful info on the procedure for implementing the apps. :blush: :fist_right::fist_left:


Better merge it into this (already 7 votes) ?

Think would solve your problem as well…
Can you check this @Metis and let @zephyr1 know ?

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I appreciate your suggestion @Sarah2 and have given it much consideration. The issue with Line or any other outside communication app is it’s just that…outside.

I refuse to break up my Alliance into 2 groups: (1) those that use Line and (2) those that don’t. The communication tools to run an Alliance should ALL be available within the game. If players are forced to seek out these other resources in order to have meaningful communication with their members that says one thing…the current platform is insufficient.

For a game that relies so heavily on communication, I feel this deficiency is a MAJOR oversight by the developers :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thanks @Sorsha for the recommendation! It appears that @Metis and I share the same passion for getting relevent, useful, high quality information to our members with a desire to do so in a more efficient user friendly way. I’m totally on board with merging this thread and working together if she is :slight_smile:

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@zephyr1 my Dear. Can you merge this thread please to the hyperlink thread from @Goliath as quoted above?


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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

I had actually merged that other thread earlier today, so I brought it into here as well. :slight_smile:


Because. Humans.

I would be very surprised if this is an oversight.

As a chat moderator on MMO, one of the top 10 problems is harmful links. It consumes a lot of developer cycles that could be used to add game content.

Apps like Line/ Discord/ Kik have developer cycles dedicated to dealing with harmful links since their primary use is chat.


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I offen refer members back to the forum via links but as they are not clickable the members can’t be bothered rewriting it into a browser.

In todays tech world hyperlinks are nesaccary, useful and essential to helping new members and passing on forum topics they need to know about.

Now we have the featured massage board, making that capable would make sense.

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They can make it so it only accepts just forum links


Just make a small whitelist for hyperlinks, maybe the official SG sites (board, homepage), uTube, and google. That would let us point to the most important information and will prevent scam, harmful linking and no moderation would be needed.


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