Add statistical informations


A lot of alliance do stats manually which is boring. It would be nice to have :

  • the number of attacks done by fighter when we click on ‘more’ button on titan and in the final report on the chat. The nb of attack is crucial to measure perf of the team and evolution
  • on the alliance screen, the average power in attack ( current team) and defense ( defense team)
  • the visibility on the current team of each member ( and not only the defense team)


I’d rather not have my other teams visible. This is your attack and Titan team, has your thoughts and strategies into it, you shouldn’t have to share it unless you want to.


Just individual stats for your own personal team building. Of course, there is still a randomness quality to be considered, but that is still a part of what makes the game exciting.
Stats are what build intrigue and enthusiasm. like the fans of baseball, thats what keeps you glued to the game. All fans of baseball know it’s about the addiction to stats and the randomness of the game.

STATS ARE important!


Yes stats are important and sadly the only one added in 1.9 is the time passed in the alliance…which has not a lot of value for gamers that use to help other alliances