Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time [MASTER]

Not a big deal, but I’d benefit if somewhere on the battle screen during the campaign fights it would constantly show the current wave and number of waves. Something small on the top.

I know it shows this before each wave, but if I had a gem for each time I wasn’t paying attention I’d have all the Heros by now!

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I mean, did you ever needed the information in the upper left corner? You have no impact whether you receive more or less ham or other prizes so what these informations are for? It would be better to place there the indicator which round of the level is. Sometimes I have doubts whether the next round is boss battle or not to accumulate mana.

Sometimes I wonder that too so I don’t fire specials just in case lol

@zephyr1 I think this is a duplicate from a few months ago. Can you combine the threads?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

It’s a great idea! Sometimes I accidentally use specials not realizing the boss stage is next. Great upgrade to the game.

Why has this not been addressed in some way by the devs, there is a thread asking about it like every week, and literally everyone I have ever talked to about this game has asked about about it. Even the reason I joined the forum was to ask why is there no counter?! Just replace the pointless loot indicator in the top left corner with a permanent wave counter on all maps @EmpiresPuzzles @Petri

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