Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time [MASTER]

Not a big deal, but I’d benefit if somewhere on the battle screen during the campaign fights it would constantly show the current wave and number of waves. Something small on the top.

I know it shows this before each wave, but if I had a gem for each time I wasn’t paying attention I’d have all the Heros by now!

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I mean, did you ever needed the information in the upper left corner? You have no impact whether you receive more or less ham or other prizes so what these informations are for? It would be better to place there the indicator which round of the level is. Sometimes I have doubts whether the next round is boss battle or not to accumulate mana.

Sometimes I wonder that too so I don’t fire specials just in case lol

@zephyr1 I think this is a duplicate from a few months ago. Can you combine the threads?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

It’s a great idea! Sometimes I accidentally use specials not realizing the boss stage is next. Great upgrade to the game.

Why has this not been addressed in some way by the devs, there is a thread asking about it like every week, and literally everyone I have ever talked to about this game has asked about about it. Even the reason I joined the forum was to ask why is there no counter?! Just replace the pointless loot indicator in the top left corner with a permanent wave counter on all maps @EmpiresPuzzles @Petri

More often than I’d like, I’m not really paying attention to where I am in a fight. Suddenly you think, wait a minute, is the next stage the bosses stage? Do I have to fill up all my mana? It would be nice to have a little counter in the corner, like there is in the challenge events.


+1 for this. I know it could be argued it’s our own fault for not paying attention.
SO many times I have got to a 3rd out of 4th thinking “finally the boss” then to realize it say “3/4”. Annoying haha.

I agree with this. It would also be nice if I could see the titan I’m about to attack while setting up my attack team. I know, stupid me, it was on the screen before, but sometimes I’m in a hurry and I have to back out to remind myself if it was yellow or purple. :crazy_face: Would also be helpful if the game would warn me before I do something stupid like use the same team I used on the previous titan, or forget to switch back to my main rainbow team after color stacking for an event quest, etc.

Of course these are things I should be paying more attention to myself, but I do a lot of stuff on autoplay (not the titan hits themselves, that would be awful :laughing:), sometimes I just rush into the next battle without double checking what I’m doing. My own fault, but a little bit more idiot-proofing would help me when I’m multitasking. Luckily they have sort of idiot-proofed the hero feeding (“Are you really sure you want to feed Wu Kong to Bane?” LOL oops, nope, didn’t mean to do that)

Suggested many times before. Even I did it once… Still, they seems don’t care at all…

150% Yes… I can’t count the number of times I’ve lost track of when the boss stage is. And it is good to know especially since my only strategy is to try to ghost and have my specials ready to fire when I get to the boss level.

Not sure if this in the right place I just wanted to say it would be helpful to have the wave number you are currently in displayed & how far you have to go :slight_smile:

You’re in the right place. Note a few things. You can add an item to the category so each idea has its own thread. However, this one has been suggested multiple times (see below). Searching can help, but then you may not hit it if you don’t know the key words. That’s when people help, like I’m doing now.

Maybe one day, but it hasn’t happened yet.

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky @Garanwyn

Here’s another request. How about @moderator to save all that typing above :wink:

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We looked into this at one point, but it was a no-go.

You can set it up as a text completion in your phone, though. That’s what I did back when I used to tag everyone before I became a moderator.

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I would have liked to see this, seemingly harmless, shouldn’t be hard to implement feature, and dating back to how long ago this post started as well as likely number of times this may have been suggested outside of the forum platform, this should’ve been a long overdue feature.

A part of me wondered what is the reason why this seemingly simple UI feature that would benefit players without causing much obstruction to the screen has been placed on such a backlog… Then… Wait a minute, for player’s benefit, that’s what was wrong and still stuck in the suggestions/comments box.

We’ve all had situations where a long drawn out wave of enemies in a hard stage has us losing track sometimes of which wave we are on (situations described plenty above), so when that happens, and a few more non-charged mana at boss wave, unfriendly tiles, mis-managed battle item situation, misplaced tiles (or all of the above) could have players facing the continue with 75 Gems decision…

Gems is still the most valuable currency in this game, and aside from in-game elements, are acquired in larger quantity at a point in time, with real money. The 75 Gems to continue creates a moment of uncertainty for the player, do I pay the gems to continue, not knowing given the stipulation of the continue whether I’d have enough to beat the level (more gems required if failed again).

Are you “sure” you “don’t” want to pay a small continuation fee of 75, you “were” so close to finish the tough bosses and get that “guaranteed” ascension material. You can get those 75 Gems back in no time.

75 Gems is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things in this game. To paying players, they’d probably recuperate this amount in the next gem / deal purchase they buy without a second thought, to free players or players that don’t spend a lot, this uncertainty and scenario creates an opportunity for… Yup, A selling opportunity, even if a small one.

I have been presented with this situation a few times and have always opted to not continue (the uncertainty of whether I can still finish given only a partial heal, non full mana, no item replenish, and same, possibly unfriendly board) and the fact I got myself into this situation is enough to tell me that I don’t have the team to finish this level even if continued.

TL:DR version - It’s not high on the dev radar to put it in because $ reasons.

I did one time. I didn’t want to have to buy all the item I had already used on the Dark Lord. (And you get full hp, and mana equal to where it was when you fell.)

Hi guys. I have been playing Empires & Puzzles for a couple of months now and really enjoy it- thanks for making such a fun game! I have a suggestion to help me out with my game play…could you please add a little note on the top of the screen to indicate what wave I’m on? Sometimes I lose track of when I’m on the wave before the boss and it’s important to know that. I’d like to see a “Wave 3/4” note at the top of the screen, maybe under the tile attack reminder at the top left or to the right of the treasure chest icon something. Thanks a lot!!

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