Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time [MASTER]

I agree, a very useful feature that should be there.

yes even if it were a translucent wave counter.

NOTE to the DEVS.
Why the monthly events stages have wave counters but normal world S1-S2 stages don’t.

I know this has been suggested before, but the last post I see on the subject is closed. Please please PLEASE devs give us a wave counter! I am so sick of not knowing how many waves I have left because I blinked or got distracted by something in real life during the ONE SECOND the game shows which wave is coming up. This is a seriously poor mechanic and could SO EASILY be fixed. Seriously, it’s bogglesome that it’s not already there. Please!

Hi SG,

Can’t you keep the Wave Signs visible all the time during farm and event battles, not just in between them. Could easily be placed on top of the screen.
Sometimes, me and other members from our alliance forget in which wave we are during a battle, then all of a sudden the Boss wave starts. I like to be prepared when i fight the boss.

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I really need this in the game, because often times I don’t know in which wave I am because I forgot.

Yes, please add this to the game.

I was going to post a thread about this idea but I found this one.

Please add the wave counter like the monthly event challenges. Sometimes you get distracted or simply forgot which wave you are in and you don’t know if you have to keep the special charged for the boss or not.

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Another comment agreeing with this idea here. Great minds think alike!

Hey, Folks,

I often forget what round I’m on and think a counter during my battles would be most helpful. Sometimes to decide if you want to heal, revive, or what not can depend on how many more rounds the heroes have to go. If you play a lot back to back it can be easy to lose track of which round you’re on.

Just a little “2/5” under the little running man would really help me out at times.

Thank you.

That’d be very useful. It also tells you when to ghost tiles before the boss too

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Adding more votes on this topic Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time would increase the chance for his implementation.

Votes are not transferred when a topic is merged.

@zephyr1 :slight_smile:


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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So if an idea is suggested again, it loses its votes because you merged it? How does THAT help?

Fed up with this forum. Cannot say or suggest anything without someone else deciding they don’t like where it is or what I’ve said.

Let me explain: if all the interested nes were to spread their votes on multiple threads with the same suggested objective it woldn’t be as effective as voting the same thread multiple times.

This is just your impression and I don’t believe it in the slightest :man_shrugging:
Like Prof Oak said, there’s a place and time for everything.

Cheers, Fravit93

And I thought the place was in a suggestion forum but forgive me for thinking I knew anything at all.

Telling people they’re votes are gone sounds both punitive and petty.

It also makes no sense and the lack of any real explanation is just hurtful when people are trying to make a helpful suggestion.

Basically it says “thanks for wasting our time and yours but you don’t need an opinion.“

You just have to unvote the other topic and to vote this One :man_facepalming:

No. And we are going off topic now.

Should be easily added and would be useful!

I don’t particularly care for the merge police myself. I open a thread that is being discussed and see it was started a year and a half ago and think to myself… why is this relevant?

great idea! I whole-heartedly support it! besides, they already have it implemented in challenge event battles. why not carry it over to world battles?

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