Add stage Progress Bar for better Tracking


It would be awesome to have a Progess icon that we can see at all time during in stage questing to keep track where in the battle we are in.


I like it. It’s an easy and non-obtrusive addition which would remind you to power up your specials for the boss.


I agree, that could be useful to remember to mana up for the bosses or to conserve your items


better yet they can take away the original change stage animation


Really, really like this idea…sometimes I forget which stage I’m on, and have wished for this very thing!


@Petri @Coppersky @EmpiresPuzzles take this feature into consideration to the developers


This has my vote, however only if this can be less obstructive than what It currently being shown as a viable look. :yum:


thanks, i’m not a graphics designer i did this on my phone but yeah lets hope the developers implement it in the game and make it better.


This would be a nice feature so you can plan mana accordingly as well as what specials to use it save.