Add S2 heroes to regular portals

I know there are a lot of people wanting S1 heroes removed from the special portals, but I doubt that will happen.

I think something that could happen and would be helpful is to add S2 heroes to the regular portal. I mean with S4 now available is anyone actually spending money to get extra Atlantis pulls? I would love to have more shots at getting Wilbur.

With season 4 live now, this makes sense, plus Season 3 heroes in Hero Academy.


Adding S2 heroes to regular portals and TC20 have no sense while Atlantis rising is live

But my point is, does anyone really care about or participate in AR? I sure don’t. Too much other stuff going on and too much effort for too few pulls. It would be much better if they just let AR go and combine S1 and S2 heroes into standard portals.


I (like many others) use AR for collecting backpacks each month. After adding costumes for S2 heroes it will be actual again

AR is literally the most important event for a lot of players. It allows me to farm what I need to play during the rest of the month (crafting materials, recruits, bacpacks). That said, I’m all for adding S2 heroes to all portals (and to TC20). I’m just not sure why AR should be cancelled to accomplish that.


Agree with @Genghis the addition of S2 to normal portals would make the Atlantis portal irrelevant, which would eventually lead to the end of AR as a whole.

Am all for adding them to the normal TC levels and taking S1 out of Atlantis and Valhalla pulls ( not underwild yet as there aren’t enough heroes yet released there yet) but not this

Atlantis still has vaule though. I did 38 free pulls and a 10 pull not that long ago.
Also I can see costumes being introduced to atlantis hero’s in the future, That make atlantis even more interesting plus ex hotm.

Miki is in June or July that the last time he gonna be in atlantis only way will be ToL forever people gona be pulling mad then trust.

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This idea was specifically requested by beta testers to the staff, and a big NO was the answer.

It’s a good idea and I voted :+1:, but maybe in a long time it’ll be possible

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