Add Romanian Chat Room

Thanks for supporting us and our letter ,we love this game and I find super that we can make new friends.We really need a romanian chat !Nice to know you Vivenna !!!


Empire of Ainur is looking for Eru Iluvatar from Romania. He is very missed. And his spot will never be filled in the Alliance.

My Lord, if you see this, please post here or email me at Le hannon, mellon nin. bows deeply

Lady Tamarwen

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We, Romanian players, hope you at SGG will not treat this thread lightly or ignore us. I kindly ask you to find a little time to acknowledge our message and provide us with a solution. Do not forget to visit our group on Facebook and say „Hi”. Thank you.


We really need a romanian chat,especially for recruiting more eseally. As i said in other comments on this forum it’s a little boring to get 1 item for ascend on month from titans or war rewards. I think i have a month since a didn’t get something on titan. And we have 8-9* titans


It is frustrating knowing languages more difficult are available…we have no chat room and no translation for menu and characters… but I sow it in Chinese… Arabic more other languages…


You won’t get that, they don’t want to allow any player to do that. But the new buildings should allow us to exchange useless materials for usefull one, or something like that.

I hope you’ll get your Romanian room if you’re so many players !


My name is Marius, i want if you can to introduce another chat room - “romanian chat room”… Not everybody understand all the languages on the international chat room.we want a chat room just for us. I saw Turkey chat room / english chat room…a lot of rooms for chat in every country.

I wait for it, thank you
Have a nice day.

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