Add riposte to Aegir


I’ve logged into the game to find my yunan got me to #1… guin has never done that for me. It is rare don’t get me wrong but whomever said yunan was an average tank obviously didn’t use him. Hard to know how good a hero really is until testing them a bit. I just wish I went with my gut on Aegir instead of listening to people that don’t have him maxed


Yep, if that yunan get to fire his attack, that fight is pretty much over. There aren’t many heroes like that not even Guinevere and problem with her is, that so many players uses her, that many players have learn, how to fight agaist her.
I waited to make decision with Aegir and after fighting agaist it, it’s big NO for leveling him up!


Why would they have bias? How would that help them?


Yes exactly correct. Not to bother mentioning that they gave him A on defense team lol. Stop putting so much value in the guide it’s not even well thought out or well researched it’s completely subjective opinions.

People are saying the Guide proves Aegir is good.

I see it the other way around, Aegir’s rating proves the guide is terrible.


Is there a chance that this Aegir will be fixed? Now this is unfortunately a tragic card …

The problem with him is that his skills are too short to look at mana loading on an average level. Either it has to be very fast or these skills should last 6 rounds …

A few people from my alliance have put telescopes in him and have a problem … For now, fortunately I keep it on the third level


I find this subject quite interesting; like you I went against my “gut” feeling and have him fully maxed.

A bit of background: I’m not at the top tier of Diamond, yet :wink:. Usually low to mid tier diamond arena; have been there for 2mths now.

I placed as Tank in my raid defense for 3 days/nights, to see how he’d go, and found myself in the Platinum arena more than once. During this time I also placed him in flank positions, and again back to Platinum.

On offense, I found him to be quite useless in both Tank and Flank positions.

I don’t have the 5* depth, as yet, but have a pool of both 4 and 5*s to choose from.

My point is I agree a riposte, any enhancement really, is needed for this HOTM. My “gut” tells me that something will be happening in the future; what does your say? Until that happens, he’ll be sitting on the bench.

At the end of the day it is your decision if you feed him or not – go with your “gut” :grin:

PS: How’s Roxy doing?


When the devs, @petri , realize that it is a question of coherence. All Hotm are good, some better and others worse, but all above average, all wanted, all uploaded to maximum, are the TOP. This is garbage, and not is Elkanen or Thorne. And, when they do, take into account that a tank or participates in the damage, directly or indirectly, or heals, but really, or distributes defense, the turn patches leave the same garbage.


The intention of Anchor’s Guide is to support players who need help in making choices. Let’s stop with falsely accusing the hero grading guide of being bad, terrible or whatsoever. The guide is good for those who have doubts about the strengths and weaknesses of each hero and for those who struggle to compare heroes with eachother. I think everyone should express their appreciation and gratitude for the work Anchor and the other creators of this guide have put into it, because it is hardly developed for their own interests. Those who find this guide ‘‘bad’’ most likely do not need this kind of support in making these choices.

On the other hand, we must also appreciate the opinions from quite a lot of players about the lack of usability of Aegir as a whole. This thread is about adding Riposte to Aegir as he appears to be too weak of a hero compared to other 5* heroes or HOTM’s, in order to make him somewhat more usable. Let’s stick to that.

Also not every HOTM has to be better or at least equal to the current ‘‘worst’’ HOTM. However, I agree that it should be a special hero and I do not see how Aegir is special besides his defense and HP stats.

Would adding Riposte make him a more viable tank?
Riposte applied to the two heroes flanking him or rather on all five heroes?
Will the current duration of his special attack be sufficient enough if Riposte gets added?

I don’t have Aegir and I do not face him in raiding or wars, so I don’t have a decent opinion about him and rely on all of your opinions.


You don’t face him cause he sucks lol


That may very well be the truth, but I just wanted to explain that I can’t give a sound opinion. My opinion would be a conclusion based on all of your opinions. Right now:

  1. Nearly everyone agrees that Aegir is not of great use compared to other heroes, especially not in defense teams.
  2. Some players and some of those players (from 1) think he has an use in attack teams.
  3. Then some players find him complete garbage. They also refuse to see he might have an use in attack teams, because Aegir was designed to be a defense hero. A bit stubborn, but perhaps completely legitimate.
  4. Some players do think he’s useful in defense teams, especially for those who do not have other suitable heroes for that task. This is quite logical.

You included a possible solution in one of your previous posts; add mana regeneration to his special attack.
I think this would be a better idea compared to adding Riposte. Where as all his buffs (except Elemental Link) can be cleansed (also Riposte if it’s added) the mana regenaration buff will at least provide Aegir and nearby enemies with a guaranteed benefit after Aegir his special has been used. Before we get a chance to dispell them, they will have had at least ‘‘1 tick of extra mana’’. Much more beneficial compared to the current situation.


There’s something bothering me.
Why a player like you had to listen on someone else opinion for Aegir.

I mean, i’m not nearly as good as you, but from the first moment i see his card i know it was not the card for me even without testing, and that he has a potential issue with dispellers.

Why you choose to trust these peoples opinion so bad?
And if you were in doubt, why you not simply wait and see how it goes with people who max him in a few days? Or just opinion posted in here?

These people not make you a favor, thats for sure, but i would never expected a player like you fell for it.


Like really, look at this raid video, Aegir with TWO gravemakers on the side, attacking team 600 points weaker, and it wasn’t even inconvenience, attacking team finished with full health

This is ridiculous


You should rethink what you just wrote here, it can not sound worse.


No, i don’t think so.
You can read it as “You are a great player, you don’t need to listen to others to make your own decisions”

It was not meant to be offensive.


As time goes on, I think it needs to add something or change.
They definitely designed it as a tank but I can’t find its any power as a tank.
Furthermore, it might make its both sides like garbage
Recently, a lot of ppl are talking about Aegir, that’s why a lot of them probably including me had been waiting for good blue heroes for long time. Almost all Hotm have been good heroes but it’s definitely not now. I have no idea how to use him and it still stays 3/70(hesitated even spending warmcapes), I have to wait for long time again if I won’t get any other a few good blue.
I just even wonder it’s good for raid to survive? Average and just 3 turn?


How to use Aegir:

  • let it to 3.70
  • bring it to red rare titans
  • bring it to high level titans when you are Wilburless
  • use his skill before a powerful monotarget foe would fire
  • use his skill before activing crystals and combinations

don’t put him as your defensive tank if you have better heroes (non Azlar, Elena, Justice or premium heroes)


Apart from that Uclapack already said that he has it and does not see utility, your post is not only offensive, it is offensive, pseudo-elitist and, the final part, threatening. Little favor does your group that post in the image facing the community for smart readers.


It is really curious you saying that after what you write about Anchor’s guide.

I just say to her she have the knowledge to pick this choices alone and do not rely (completely) on others opinions. Thats exactly what you would suggest for Anchor’s guide, is it not?

At the end of the story, we are the ones pushing the upgrade botton, none of us get forced to do it.

Blaming a wrong choice on others it’s like blaming friends suggesting us to make a cake using salt rather then sugar.

They are silly friends, but we are not so wise either.


Hey people make mistakes. I guess I didn’t realize it came off like I was blaming others. I do respect the input of my alliance and everyone else really. I am not a know all. My gut said ehh he doesn’t look that good but in reality yes I did decide to push the button. It happens. I guess I could take the statement as a bash within a compliment (you’re good you should know better).

Backstory: I have issues with patience and I had close to 2k recruits just chilling in tc 2 as I’ve had no one I’ve wanted to feed them to. I shamefully did way too many pulls trying for victor and s2 pulls for misandra and got aegir. I gave up and “rage” ascended him and sargasso. Just because I was mad and wanted something out of my summons. Yea I should have tested him out a bit but a hero really doesn’t showcase their true potential until you get them to 80 especially a meat shield like this bleeper.


It’s very clear what the intentions of the guide are, since they list it plainly on the first line of the introduction…

QUOTE “The purpose of this guide is to make it so you don’t waste very expensive resources, gems, time and most importantly money.

It clearly fails to do that if it’s giving Aegir as “Best in class”. I don’t understand the infatuation and gymnastics involved to defend the guide.

I’m going to make my own guide:

Aegir: Overall F

That’s the whole guide, I might add more later.