Add riposte to Aegir

In my opinion Aegir is not only the worst hotm but he is also the worst 5* in game. He is a terrible healer and he does nothing for attack. There is really no redeaming qualities about him. I wasted scopes on him listening to others say he was good. I’d be so much happier with my decision to max him if he were a 5* boril. He’s tanky like boril and the spirit link and riposte might actually make him a viable tank. Just a thought…as is I’m seriously just considering feeding him to another hero so I don’t have to think about my mistake in giving him the rare scopes every time I bring up my team roster.


That would be one expensive meal. Yikes

He’s not a game changer… but he’s very useful in the right lineup. Most heroes are labeled X Y or Z. (This one is a fast single shot glass cannon… that one is a slow but tough AOE… etc) Aegir isn’t really defined as a “type” so that may be the reason why many are quick to judge him poorly since he underwhelms in the role as a damage dealer… as a healer… and as a tank.

Like Merlin, being patient with his special is the key. Absorbing some of the incoming damage when the enemy onslaught starts may be the difference in whether his neighbors stayed alive or not… then throw some neighbor gem colors for the heal… he’s also great as a 2nd blue vs. a red-strong opponent.

Aegir is that TE in football that many fans think he stinks because he’s slow, can’t catch and has never scored a TD. But coach knows he’s a great blocker that allows his QB time to make plays. He gets no love… but he’s definitely part of a winning strategy.


he is also the worst 5* in game.

You think he’s worse than Thorne?

Boss Wolf? Guardian owl? Those are far worse heroes 5* or not

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I love Aegir. I used to put all my emphasis on attacking heroes. But, I think the ability to stay alive is underrated by most players. And Aegir is really good at staying alive and keeping those around him alive. If you can create a gem in blue and/or in the colors of the heroes beside him and save that gem for after using Aegir’s special then you are really in business!!!


It keeps you more alive kiril and gives you buffs. By the way, I do not know what the owl has, but it has been hard for me to end up being weird and legendary for him.

Keep him pls even if I don’t like him. He is still good for offense especially if you flank him with good heroes. Quite good on titans honestly. Just not great on defense. Color stack him with a Grimm and Magni. You will see he is quite good especially on titans.

Whenever I met him in raid, it’s almost a automatic win for me. Seems like he is a meat shield and nothing more. I have more trouble vs other ‘poor meat shield’ like boss wolf and Yunan.

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As my analysis of Aegir could be a bias and have the right reasons, after finishing all three events, in legendary, at an early stage, with the same team I have changed Wilbur for Aegir, to prove, the first defeat of the event, a painful contribution and does not keep alive or himself. With a help, which is essential, defense buff for example, could be a great hero because part of a good design, but as they have left is a slop.

He could flank your Yunan and protect Drake Fong, Rana, or Victor in the corner (if you got those 3).

I would find it hard to beat your Yunan without stacking red, let alone you got Alasie or GM on the other side. Aegir on the flank would help him avoid stacked green.

If I got Yunan, I’ll try that.

My 2 cents.

Regular heroes used to have one or none skill at all in this game.
Now we have HotM with 3 to 4 skills, and people still complaint as “the worst hero”.

Please Small Giant, make a trade center where you can only exchange HotM with regular heroes, so this people would be happy.

If you get a good Richard for that meat shield, you’ll be glad isn’t it?


King Richard!!! Still sitting at 1/1 on my bench.

I think it needs no more to add any skills but just those skills that he already has needs to be 4 or 5 turns.

Don’t feed him. Dator who laughs at you for this during your streams ensures even better content! :laughing:

It’s not the number of skills that matters, it’s the quality that matters. Lianna is very good in my eyes since her special is effective.

How about this:
Mana: Average
stat: same as Aegir

135% damage to target and minor damage to nearby
caster 50% defence against green for 3 turns
caster and nearby has 10% attack boost for 2 turn
caster and nearby has 10% defence boost for 2 turn
caster and nearby are immune to heal stealing effect for 2 turns
life link 4% health for 6 turns

6 skills, still useless

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The way I see it, Aegir is similar to Ares (I have both Ares and Aegir) in that by himself, he does not do much other than just sit there until he gets killed. So his strength is when combined with other heroes on his flanks. Which means that on defense, you are mostly at the mercy of the AI. Lucky for you (I watch dat0r’s streams), you don’t have to use him on defense. But on offense, you have more control and that’s where you can optimize on when to fire him, when to take advantage of the healing his special skill provides to him and his flanks, when to take advantage of his spirit link. I see Aegir more as a hero to use on offense as a partial healer/defender to keep his flanks alive. Just like I see Ares on offense as a partial attack booster for his flanks.

Clearly, Aegir is not perfect, especially if one sees him as a pure tank. Adding Riposte could help a bit, adding some defense buff or simply making him fast mana as well. But I think he is definitely usable - albeit more on offense than defense. I am currently using him on raid defense as a flank to Hel (other flank is Ares). I will admit than my Aegir is only at the end of tier III and I am not playing at the level you are playing, so I am not facing the same kind of opponents (yet).

Aegir is a mediocre hero. Not bad. Paired with GM and Zim on flanks he is nice. As already said, he needs the right flanks and he works fine.

This is the outrageous Aegir case. Aegir is a defense hero, a tank, his statistics prove it. And he’s a hero broken by the nerf. Then comes “the caste”, those who have all the best heroes, the ones above, who represent 5% of the users or less and find it useful. Aegir would have been fixed without a doubt, because it is just enough for a hero to pay, but being useful to the privileged minority, with his fallacies of A and his great hero with Ares, Khiona, Panter, etc. will not be fixed or , if they do, it will be in a way that favors you, putting the same ■■■■ more shifts. Meanwhile, the majority, who has a HOTM for the first time, a normal team and even many is their first 5 * and they would give a quality jump with a hotm, PAYING, they get screwed and they have it in the bank because it does not work nor to levear. And on top of that we have to read contempt. You can not be more selfish.

I have to warn you my last HotM was Athena, which i get in july 2017.
And i do not have any 5* hero of any event, both monthly or seasonal.

I’m a lv. 56 (soon 57, and only because i had to farm in low provinces, otherwise i would be easily in the 60) which have 6 maxed legendary heroes and all the rest 4* (even there, only Falcon and Jackal are event hero, all the others are regular).

On top of that, i do not possess any season 2 hero (nor epic or legendary).

Now come at me again.


Aegir have the same issue of many basic heroes: he is a jack of a… some trades and master of none.

Surely if we were to compare him with the best heroes it would be lacking but compared to basic heroes he is just fine and no, being a premium hero shouldn’t break the balance.



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