Idea: RETREAT BUTTON added to Raid Tourney when opponents defence is shown. Takes place of re-roll.

Result: Retreating team gets a small number of points (equal to killing 1 hero on enemy team or so), does NOT suffer an X/loss. Opponent’s defence gets a win.

Basis: ‘Live to fight another day’ is a principle in war, and if a player comes up against a defence that is too intimidating, having the option to avoid the fight and not incur the dreaded X would be good. Overall points would take a big it, but the player could continue fighting. Especially useful now that tourney went to 5 days.

Negatives - cuts into gem resets.

A retreat button would be nice. I do think it should result in a score of 0 rather than the 1 kill score you suggest.


On the principal that the heroes survive, one would recognize that by scoring more than if the player attacked and lost all heroes without killing anyone (as I just did vs a mono red Santa+7 tank team…grumblegrumble)

I like this, with a timer feature added.

Once you hit Find Opponent, you have 1 hour to press Attack or Retreat. If you don’t press either in 1 hour, it defaults to Retreat.

You get no points for a retreat, you lose that flag, but you don’t get a strike. The opponent gets points for a victory.


Defense team gets no points awarded or deducted in the tournaments

I’d rather see a retreat in the classic sense like we have in war. You get what you kill/damage and take the loss. Defense gets the win in it’s log. I just had a sucky experience with a Kunchen tank where are one point all 5 heroes had 50% damage gone and in war I would have fled before he fired. In this I have to ride it out, and of course he healed everyone and I got a big fat zero.


I think you should be able to reroll and/or retreat within the match but take the X as a penalty. We want warriors at the top of the leaderboard (or people with big wallets, because they are paying the development costs).

Well you can ran away but you will only get points for the kills I guess. Didn’t hava a chance to test it though.

I share your frustration with these 2, especially alby, had great combo killing 3 of them alby gets full mana and resurects all 3 again. Making me end with 0 before I even had the chance to run.

Reroll if possible should indeed take an X Penalty (will increase revenue for SG, will also increase frustration with F2P and C2P)

Not so sure with a retreat as you already would add a 0 score by skipping a battle which is a penalty on its own.

This is exactly the reason why it shouldn’t be implemented. It’s not war. It’s a tournament. The point is to eliminate unworthy contestants and have the best one emerge as victorious

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I’d agree if there wasn’t a buy-back in. Now it’s classic ranking and the XXXX losses impact that but don’t end it if you have money to spend. Retreat is the F2P penalty option that allows people to play til the end, which monied players can do now, regardless of their quality or lack there of.

The xxxx is the F2P option. SG could kick you out after the first loss. Don’t worry. There will be 3 and 4-star tournaments where you can put up a competitive team.

The point is it’s a game and people want to ~play~.

As this is a tournament I do not like this idea.
The prurpose of a tournament is to fight the cards you are dealt with. It is not raiding it is tournament.
NBA finals: ow no we don’t like to play against the bulls, lets sit this one out, hand them some points and wait for the next one.
This is not how a tournament is ment to be.
If you are dealt a hard opponent deal with it, even if you know you don’t stand a chance of winning, just man up and make the fight. Maybe you get a very very lucky board and do manage to steal the win… Who knows!


Except this isn’t a fair tournament - if you have a bunch of partially leveled 5s and a couple leveled 4s the game matches you vs similarly powered teams.

I fight in high diamond and have built a strong war team so I have to fight much stronger teams (4100+ w +7 heroes)… I lose a couple of those and you win all yours then you’re well above me in points. Each tourney we’ve seen some very marginal teams in the top 10 bc they have been given opponents that match their power

I actually support this set up bc it gives everyone more of a chance - and I’d not personally benefit from the ‘retreat’ button bc there isn’t a team I can’t imagine beating - but if the point of a game is to play, then working a mechanic that permits players to play the entire tourney, I’m for it.

Since this isn’t a traditional tournament at all, let people continue to play.


I agree that matchmaking could be done a bit better.
But to find a workaround the fact that matchmaking isn’t perfect yet is not the way to go.
If the matchmaking is the real issue you have with the tournament then the request should be to improve matchmaking. Not to add another feature to ‘solve’ this problem.

I have had matches that would have been easy wins (4* hero’s vs a team of mixed 3 and 4* all not levelled) and due to bad tiles still managed to lose the match. Well yes that happens too… If I would do this fight 100 times, I think I would win 99 times of them.

This tournament it is the other way around.
I have 1 compelete rainbow team in 5* finished hero’s. Meaning when I cannot use 1 color I am forced to use a 4* or not fully levelled 5* to make a complete team. Guess what, all opponents had full levelled 5* teams and most of them are emblemed. I lost 2 so far and those where mostly due to the fact that the boards where not in my favor. With some more luck in boards I could have won those 2 as well.
On the other hand, had some very lucky boards against teams I tought I would never ever stand a chance (double Grave Maker flanking Guin tank).
In raids I would hit re-roll every day when facing this team. Now I won this battle in tournament.

So fix the real issue would be my suggestion and not patch it with something else as a workaround.

The issue isn’t matchmaking in my mind - I like it even though it doesn’t benefit me.

The issue from my perspective is players not being able to play and/or choosing to quit rather than face a power team.

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Being able to flee without getting a cross would be great.

Last missing thing then would be revenges to have a choice between the next match and revenges. In addition that would possibly raise the amount of incoming attacks.

I get what your saying but would you rather have the opportunity to at least try ti win than give up and lose which will only result in being classed lower.

You run you lose, where’s the fun in that.

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You live to play another day. The loss reseeds your level opponent Downward to someone you think you can beat.

And if you don’t find it fun; don’t use it. Some may.

So basically it’s just another form of reroll without the option to actually reroll.

Unfortunately like in any run away situation in any game, if you choose to run you forfeit your turn which means you lose the match thus you get a cross.


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