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Every month, Lilith Games implements new redemption codes in AFK Arena for players to redeem, granting exclusive rewards to help them progress in the game.

and many other games release codes to be able to advance in the game, like
Puzzles & Survival
Monster And Puzzles
Mythic Heroes
Will of Hokage
Hero Squad
Puzzles & Conquest

and many others…

it would be really helpful if SG could give extra gems, and extra call tokens to help FTP players

If zynga does that their CEO will have an instant stroke and die
Dont ask too much mate…zynga worships the $


They don’t even want to give us a pity system, do you think redeem codes would be a thing in this game?



:joy::rofl: give the OP a break. He still has hope, which is good in a way.


We’re all scorned veterans


I like the idea of ​​being able to offer this since many games have already been doing it for a long time.

as already said many games similar to this already do it

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Your idea is good, without doubt.

The games you listed : were they released after EP, being clones of EP, in some way or other ?

EP was globally released on 1 March 2017. This game is considered the pioneer game for this gacha 3-match puzzle genre. It took off instantly, and took the world by storm, causing creation of similar games wanting to ride on EP’s success.

No game is perfect. This game has its limitations, some of which are slowly being fixed in some way or other. These clones took into account this game’s limitations, and built in “improvements” to increase their appeal to jaded EP players, who wanted to play something similar but not EP.

I have played some of the clones, either for a short trial or longer (max 6 months). I know what you are referring to by redeem codes, which are great if this feature was already built into EP’s basic structure.

One game (that I tried) tried to include in MV post global launch. The introduction of MV was so bugged, disruptive that it affected other aspects of the game. I exited that game when my playtime was disrupted such that I couldn’t even hit the daily titan. It was that bad.

Zynga/SGG has started giving out more freebies via MV (now every 2 hours) and certain offers (free emblems, hero trainers). These freebies are not Earth-shattering but they are still freebies.

Zynga/SGG mgt has made it clear that they are a business, first and foremost. That they have unbent enough to give out more freebies is a small improvement.

If you want more than this, perhaps this game is not for you.

SG is not dumb,they have just some made players here feel that being idiots is ok because they were here when it released? The reason downloads or droppingnis because every game in the playstore that is match 3 gives better rwards than this one. It doesnt take f2p long to see the issues in thia game now because power creep is so high. If they wanted the game to last they would adjust to the times like all other games have. This starwman argument of thats hownits be thats how it had to be is the reason why we had a civil war.

Change is supposed to happen not be frowned upon

Which is why I closed my post that way.

If a player wants more freebies or a more friendly F2P game, then this game is not for them. Not anymore anyway.

I don’t frown on change. I don’t hold back change.

If Zynga/SGG wants their game this way, then it is this way. They are in the driver’s seat. Passengers can get off if they don’t feel wanted/welcomed/needed in the game.

You want a civil war in this game? It’s possible. It’s been done in other games. Most were successful. Brought Dev down on their knees.

Do you want to organise a massive walkout or strike against this game? To force Zynga/SGG to slow down on their frenzied release of OP heroes, give out more freebies, maybe even give out costumes free?

Go ahead. Give it a go. Heads up on the markets to start with: USA, Korea, Japan, UK. Good luck.

I am being practical, very practical.

Honestly E&P has been very fair and transparent as they could be. They don’t resort to such tactics to pull players in, because they don’t have to. I have played another clones that did all of this, but they never had half the success of this game. Not sure about that shameless ripoff game. I think that is the only one that’s still doing decent and actually somewhat improved on the E&P formula. It all boils down to influence and the playerbase. These rewards stuff doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

Fair: from their perspective, yes
Transparent: from their perspective, yes

It’s up to the player to decide what they want to do with their time and money.

There’s a clone where it’s obvious the Devs wanted to cash in on this E&P hype. I played like 3-4 of the same puzzle style game with minor tweaks from this developer. The one that I played the most was discontinued in a year. They just announced one day the game was not going to continue. And obviously there was some outcry with that. Absolutely horrible situation when people spent real money on their game

There are plenty of EP based clones out there.

Once they are discontinued, the Dev tweaks that same game here and there, relaunches that game under a new name. Fairly common strategy.

Money spent in-game is gone forever. There is no investment. It’s money spent on entertainment.

I remember they have not updated that game in a year before it was axed. No nothing, heroes broken AF. Imagine S1, then immediately S5 tier heroes after that. You think khufu was bad enough, you ain’t seen anything yet for that game

Not unusual. In for the money. Grab what they can. Exit after.

When are you going to add codes?