Add recommended team power in ninja tower

How is there no recommended TP? Every other quest in the game has recommended TP which allows us to plan our teams. We’re flying blind here.

I know I’m not bringing my A squad to early levels (don’t want them getting cursed to early), but I have no idea how low I can reasonably go without recommended TP. Very frustrating.

This is not a quest but a separate event. And you don’t need recommended TP. Please read this guide: 🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Event [Part of The Beta Beat v31 & V32].

I agree that it’s not needed, but it would be highly relevant to me based on my bench and the heroes available to me.

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As @Guvnor have replied to you on another thread:

Yup, and to which I replied to him giving my reasoning why I thought it was more like ToL (especially in terms of strategy and hero usage):

"Fair point; however, TP is not a relevant piece of information in challenge events. You are not at risk of your heroes beginning disabled and you can play your best hand all the time without risk. In this regard, ninja is more akin to ToL, notwithstanding that one is a competition against other players and the other is not.

I think TP is highly relevant in this event and I can’t see how including this information would prejudice and subset of the player base, so I don’t see a reason to exclude it.


Well, good luck then. Hope you get the votes for SG to notice and then subsequently implement. Toodles…

I agree it would be nice. It is the most requested thing in my alliance for those who are bothering to play it. About 40% of our alliance is wasting time on it. Would be nice if SG would ask random players their opinion on these types of things and just the people who always beta test or are paid to just sit around playing games. Why not ask those of us who might be paying players to give their thoughts before they alienate players who are already frustrated!!!

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Make sure they get in here to vote! The more I go through the event, the more I would love to have the recommended TP, especially now that the levels are getting harder.

I’m running about 4000TP and currently on lvl26 (still have lots of flags to use later today) and it’s doing the trick with primarily B and C grade 4*/5* (Saving those A grades for as long as possible)

Provide a team power recommendation for the Ninja tower levels similar to the tavern challenge so that players have some idea of which heroes to play.

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