Add Rainbow Flag Option for Alliance Banners / Pride Pin

There are several LGBT alliances in existence. It would be great if we had the option of a rainbow flag for the background of our alliance banners. It would help those who would like to join us find us more easily.

I support this idea just for the fact that I love rainbows :grin:

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I have to say i think its a good idea for those of you that would like that

I’m sure this post will attract some trolls, but: There are an enormous number of LGBTQ+ players and alliances. (If you don’t believe me, try searching alliances for words like rainbow, gay, and queer.) I generally don’t spend on the game, but I would pay hard cash for diamonds to get a pride flag pin.

P.s. Change how you sell pins and avatars? Give us access to a big selection somehow?


What does the sexual orientation have to do with this game?! For example, I didn’t request a Hip-Hop pin just because I like Hip-Hop.


Why not? A hip hop pin would be cool. I think players should get whatever pin makes them happy.


Yes to this a million times.

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It’s a game. Adding personal preferences (including the sexual orientation) will split players apart. Let’s keep it gaming. :slight_smile:

It’s a game, true. But it’s also a community. If someone wants to create the hip-hop lovers of E&P alliance where there’s a rap battle initiation for new members, that’d be kinda fun. And if they want a pin with their favorite rapper’s face on it, why the heck not?

I use a cat pin on my current avatar. Am I creating a divide between myself and any potential dog, goldfish or rabbit person that might see the pin? I should hope not.

But if some non-cat person feels alienated from me because of a cat pin, I probably wouldn’t get along with them in the first place. Which would have less to do with their taste in pets and more to do with the fact that they judge other people over silly things like pet preference, music taste, gender identity or sexual orientation.


Rainbow pins please and thank you! :clap:

And will players really feel ‘split apart’ because queer people are displaying their queerness? :exploding_head: It doesn’t become any less about gaming if people have a rainbow that they’ve paid for with gems on their account :joy:


Hell, I’m straight and I’d probably still pay for a rainbow background or pin.


Who doesn’t love rainbows :grinning:


:rainbow: :rainbow_flag:




Please SG! I need this in my life. And I’m sure many will love it too!!! :slight_smile:


I don’t need any pin, but I am sure it would please many people and nobody should feel harm with it. So it is ok for me :slight_smile:


@zephyr1 would this merged post be promoted to the top of the list? I’m worried my orginal post would just get buried into an older post and get less noticed. We need more visibility. Thanks

Threads are ranked by a mix of views, comments, hearts, and votes.

So consolidating support for an idea in a single thread is always more effective than having multiple duplicate threads on the same topic.

Forum Rules also prohibit duplicate threads. Technically the rule is that they’ll be deleted, but typically the volunteer moderators try to merge them as a courtesy instead of deleting them.

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Alright. I’m ok with it then. Thanks for clarifying

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I love rainbows, I fully support this request :grin:

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