Add Quests/mini stories

The quests seem to be fairly quick to complete. How about adding in more, and some varieties?Maybe like a mini story like quests are in other games.

Only coming on for titans or farmimg gets kinda old

Anyone got some quest ideas?


Sidestory of the various heroes, with the protagonist as reward at the end.

  • common 3* (every 5-6 days)
  • uncommon 4* (every 14-15 days)
  • rare 5* (every 1-2 months)
  • ultrarare HotM (every 6 months)

I know it’s kinda impossible but it would be fun :grin:

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Individual stories for each main character would be pretty sweet

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Would be great. Especially because i play the game over a year now and got just one 5* hero. Hence i apprechiate any idea getting more chances to get heroes or good loots…

Idk if youve plaued Mortal Kombat at all, but after you fight with them and complete the story, you get like a little background that explains why/how they got to tye place theyre at. Wpuld be pretty dope.

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