Add Quest for Troops [MASTER] (Separated from Troops from Training Camps thread)

So, I did some searching on here and have not seen the purposed idea of a troop quest. I personally feel that having a quest out in the rotation that rewards random troops to assist in training would be beneficial to everyone. Gathering troops via missions is a long and daunting task with what seems like a zero guarantee.


I strongly agree. Or a list of best places to farm for troops, although those you get from the map are all 1* Great idea, hope it gets some traction.

You can get 2 star troops from map as well

Thanks, I will watch for them,

Mai had a list of where to get things from the map (not just items)…not sure if she listed Troops:

EDIT: looks like it’s just “resources, recruits, items”. I’ll leave it up if that helps someone else. :confused:

If not quests, it would be equally as helpful if we could opt to train recruits as troops vs hero’s.

It would be nice to have quests that allow you to win 1 star troops, similar to quests that gain recruits.

the troops are far too rare it is true that something should be done on this point!!!


Thank you! I was surprised I did not see a lot of similar suggestions here… I really do not think this is asking for too much (but what do I know). I hope developers will give us a chance to fight for some relatively limited quantity of low level troops once in a while, so we have something to level up with :slight_smile:


Good luck @Ignis , I galley too it takes patience…
but it’s true that patience has its limits.

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Hi :heart:

Would it be possible to make a new Quest only for Troops? @EmpiresPuzzles @Petri @mhalttu

It could consist of 5 Stages. Each Stage would contain one 1* and one 2* troops of a particular colour. The Quest could appear once or twice a week.

Stage 1 = 1* + 2* yellow troops
Stage 2 = 1* + 2* green troops
Stage 3 = 1* + 2* red troops
Stage 4 = 1* + 2* blue troops
Stage 5 = 1* + 2* purple troops

That would be a great novelty :kissing_heart:

I like the idea of converting my world energy into troops. Your proposed rewards are however not worth much, they could be different, e.g. a single 3-staged quest would give us:
5 x 1* troops
3 x 2* troops
1 x Epic Troop Token

I heard something about new building for crafting troops, but it’s gonna be released next year(?)


Nice idea but would make 2 levels like the gem quests

5 x 1* troops
3 x 2* troops
1 x 3* troops
3 x 2* troops
2 x 3* troops
1 x Epic Troop Token


Certainly would be nice to have troops as rewards, I mean each troop is extremely hungry for them so offering them as events or in rewards would be nice to see.

We have no Common Quest with yellow boss(es).
My idea is to add “Find Troops” Common Quest with Runic Bear boss.
Classic three stages.
First stage - guaranteed 1* troop
Second stage - guaranteed 2* troop
Third stage - guaranteed 1* and 2* troop

3,4,6 world energy or 4,6,10 or 3,4,8

Anything to make more relevant quests!

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like the Find Troops idea. Basic quests do need a revamp I feel, and with Events being revamped this seems an ideal time, with probably only basic development needed. We did have the emblem quests introduced recently which I still find good fun. How about adding:

  1. Gather Food II/Mine Iron II, with higher amounts, for the higher level players
  2. Find Titan Items, a rare quest where good players without a Hunters Lodge yet can grab the odd harpoon and panacea etc once a month to whet the appetite
  3. Find Battle items III, an uncommon/rare quest with WE costs similar to emblem quests. A chance to grab a dragon attack/tornado and WE flask at the end.

Just a thought but a change is as good as a rest with these things :smile:


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