Add Quest for Troops [MASTER] (Separated from Troops from Training Camps thread)


So, I did some searching on here and have not seen the purposed idea of a troop quest. I personally feel that having a quest out in the rotation that rewards random troops to assist in training would be beneficial to everyone. Gathering troops via missions is a long and daunting task with what seems like a zero guarantee.

New Quest for Troops
More ways to collect/train troops - Please add your comments and ideas here!

I strongly agree. Or a list of best places to farm for troops, although those you get from the map are all 1* Great idea, hope it gets some traction.


You can get 2 star troops from map as well


Thanks, I will watch for them,


Mai had a list of where to get things from the map (not just items)…not sure if she listed Troops:

EDIT: looks like it’s just “resources, recruits, items”. I’ll leave it up if that helps someone else. :confused:


If not quests, it would be equally as helpful if we could opt to train recruits as troops vs hero’s.

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It would be nice to have quests that allow you to win 1 star troops, similar to quests that gain recruits.


the troops are far too rare it is true that something should be done on this point!!!


Thank you! I was surprised I did not see a lot of similar suggestions here… I really do not think this is asking for too much (but what do I know). I hope developers will give us a chance to fight for some relatively limited quantity of low level troops once in a while, so we have something to level up with :slight_smile:


Good luck @Ignis , I galley too it takes patience…
but it’s true that patience has its limits.

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Hi :heart:

Would it be possible to make a new Quest only for Troops? @EmpiresPuzzles @Petri @mhalttu

It could consist of 5 Stages. Each Stage would contain one 1* and one 2* troops of a particular colour. The Quest could appear once or twice a week.

Stage 1 = 1* + 2* yellow troops
Stage 2 = 1* + 2* green troops
Stage 3 = 1* + 2* red troops
Stage 4 = 1* + 2* blue troops
Stage 5 = 1* + 2* purple troops

That would be a great novelty :kissing_heart:


I like the idea of converting my world energy into troops. Your proposed rewards are however not worth much, they could be different, e.g. a single 3-staged quest would give us:
5 x 1* troops
3 x 2* troops
1 x Epic Troop Token

I heard something about new building for crafting troops, but it’s gonna be released next year(?)


Nice idea but would make 2 levels like the gem quests

5 x 1* troops
3 x 2* troops
1 x 3* troops
3 x 2* troops
2 x 3* troops
1 x Epic Troop Token

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Certainly would be nice to have troops as rewards, I mean each troop is extremely hungry for them so offering them as events or in rewards would be nice to see.