Add Player History Profile Information (alliance membership history, War and Titan participation) for When Requesting to Join Alliance — Avoiding Troll and Ghost users in the alliance

Hi everyone!
How many times have you been disappointed to see a newcomer in your alliance leave soon after pairing for war? I’ve been through it twice this month. Whether it’s a troll user or someone who just wants to ruin your alliance. I have an idea that can lessen this problem. I suggest that leaders and co-leaders can see the history of a user who wants to join the alliance, such as the period in days over the last five alliances, for example. This option would only be available for “guest only” rings enabled. What do you think?

Interesting proposal, but I see a few issues with it. I will attempt to capture the two different sides and then give my own take on it at the end.

On one hand leaders and co-leaders could use it to see if someone was trying to intentionally stir trouble with matchmaking(mm) or just being a troll as suggested. This proposal could limit the issue if it was done by the leader/coleader in time.

On the other hand people jump around alliances for a myriad number of reasons. Sometimes a person may join see the titans that were being fought and realize this alliance is not right for them and war matchmaking never even enters their thinking. It might not be conducive to the production of healthy trust in between alliances who recruit if this proposal were used as a way to “Gate” alliances. Also there are some privacy issues with this proposal as well.

Finally speaking for myself as a co-leader of an alliance I have seen a person who did something similar to this once. I have no way to prove if they did join maliciously or not, but I don’t think allowing me to see if someone is “Alliance Shopping” is appropriate. I would recommend sending any new recruits a message saying something to the tune of “Welcome to the team here are the expectations and if you have any questions please ask” people who are intending to cause harm will likely not respond and as such this is a better red flag In My Opinion than giving anyone the ability to see previous activity.

Next, using myself as an example, I have only been in two alliances long term but should something happen I don’t want others who I don’t know to be able to see my alliance activity history.

One final point is I feel like this proposal may be applied incorrectly as newer players use this same “Alliance Shopping” remember that even at level 12, where AW becomes available, many players may realize they are in over their heads and see the need to switch alliances. Also using trophy and team power gates are better to keep out those who want to ruin things.

I am afraid I cannot vote for this proposal though I appreciate the opportunity to discuss it here as it opens up a larger issue that might need to be addressed as a whole. Namely the issues around “Alliance shopping” and how to help players find a good fit for them to prevent issues like the original poster mentioned.

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Same as @Averagejoe, i can’t agree with that idea, pretty much for the reasons he called out.

Plus, it would harm the users in the sense that good will newcomers might get rejected just because leaders don’t like his record.

There is one tool, however, that is already in place, and it might work to prevent this from happening.

It’s the Report button, SG might add an option for “unfair player” or something like that (now there is only Inapropriate, Spam, Stalk or Serious Violation), so when alliance leaders report a player, SG can look into it and apply an apropriate punishment, maybe starting with a warning and increasing until account suspension.


When someone asks to join an alliance it would be nice to see some stats on the player even if it was just war flags unused in last month and titans unhit in last month or # of alliances left after war matching in last month. There has been a large amount of ghosting going on and if I’m going to accept someone i would like to know if they are serious about joining or messing with our war.

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Give an alliance information. Stats on player performance, heros, growth, breaking down into players, events, etc. You already have it I’m sure. Give us all the data. It would follow the player and be dynamic, robust and real-time. Downloadable into excel for sorting and filtering. And then have SG as a whole available to baseline against.

Mmmm, I wouldn’t go there. Neither I believe anyone should care about someone’s performances outside of titans and alliance wars - which is already available.

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Members of my Alliance and myself have discussed this idea to incorporate in the games player profile individual player records for war, and Titan. Can you add what your highest score total is for war, and highest Titan score total please? I know we can see our highest single battle record score was for hitting the Titan, but we would love to be able to see where we stand personally for the highest total Titan score record, as well as highest ever total war score. So please can we have this added to the players profile?

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Im wd u on this! Many players change names instantly after bailing. Ur proposal is a big help.