Add Personal War Score for Matchmaking to Player Profile

hello. I’d like to request an addition to our profile (which can only be privately seen by the player) about how much our overall power/points we give to the alliance that contribute to our total alliance power that is used in war matching.
It would also be good to know our individual points contributions to current trophy, titan and war scores.
i think these information would best give us view on how much we actually have grown.
Also it would encourage to get more heroes, like if i have summoned a new 5* hero, how much point would that give to my alliance? to me?

Your current trophy count is readily visible; and Titan score is based on the alliance’s Titan kill history, so I don’t think a clear per-player score could exist there.

But personal War Score could certainly be calculated and shown, since it’s just a formulaic sum of best 30 heroes and best troop in each element, with some added weight to the beet 5 heroes. It might confuse some people, though, since the total War Score also includes a win/loss history component, so individual scores wouldn’t add up to the alliance’s War Score.


The addition of the power values of the strongest 30 heroes would be a good approach.

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