Add Option to Disable Hero Animations During Titan Attacks and Raids, or Make the Animations Faster / Allow Continuing Attacks During Titan Attack Animations or Speed Them Up [MASTER]

Could we have a feature like that of color blind where the effects can be muted but for the special skill animation? Zeline’s flash momentarily blinds me whenever she fires and there are likely others that are equally distracting from the gameplay.

@rook @Garanwyn needs to be merged with other animation topics.

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I’d give @Garanwyn or @zephyr1 a call too, the mighty Rook is a little less active :slightly_smiling_face:

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Merged. Thanks! :heart_decoration:

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It would be awesome if we could have the option of turning animations on/off. As much as I like watching myself get destroyed by strong players, I like quick deaths (although I do often commit seppaku by hitting the flee button like a chicken … Bok bok bok)

PS. Sorry if this is a repeated topic. I can go back to my corner if is.

When Kage fires his special, i cannot see middle top tiles that can delay decision making during titan attacks.

Why was it moved here? Don’t really care to disable the animation, just to move it a little higher

Kuchen has the same problem blocks the tiles so you can see moves.

Considering this thread/topic has been for such a long time now and I wouldn’t far from being right in saying that SG is well aware of our request and dissatisfaction on animations by now. Do we really believe that they are worried or care about this issue as I am starting to beleave they are using this thread against us, WHY you ask? Do I say that, lol.

Because most of the new heros are having more and more animations as we speak which would suggest that instead of them working towards meeting our concerns on this matter even half way they are deliberately increasing animations on purpose which in turn makes attacking titans harder.

Has anyone noticed that new hero’s animations are getting longer lately instead of shorter? Or is it just me, lol.
Are they doing this to make titans harder to kill or are they doing this to annoy us even more, lol. :thinking:

I counted how much time I lost during the animation from both sides on my last yellow titan which means it was a great opportunity to take in Ursena and used 3 purples and although I got good scores it totalled at 23 seconds with the last 15 seconds taken up by combos that built the titan up and the titans animations and as you would have it the resukt of those combos set me up with about 20 purple tiles I couldn’t use as the titans animation took up the last 6 seconds.

That 23 lost seconds in total during 3 rounds/hits adds up to almost the same amount of time as a full turn that went nowhere.

Now I know I can shot whilst the titans animation is happening but that’s counter acted by the fact that you can’t see the tiles under all the effects going on which in turn makes them unusable.

Sometimes is 4 sec. The titan last. Too much to shoot his special.

You need to check the board before you fire all your specials. I do that in a fraction of sec. Know exactly where to move. Even worth the animation you can move tiles

Good For you. I have big fingers and need to see what i am doing.

So if you got Ursena kunchen and Kage, would be fun against a yellow titan :slight_smile:

Don’t know for lately, but for some last longer for me too.

While it is annoying I learnt to live with hero animations, and do next move while the animation (or more than one) is playing, and with long titan special animations where I can’t do anything but crazily tap or swipe my next move. But I notice a small yet very annoying and seemingly random delays with titan’s normal attacks which break the flow of the fight and result with you lacking this half of second to fire that last diamond your combo made. And of course the titan gets the last hit even when the time is out.

At the very least it would be nice if at the end of the fight all diamonds and dragons left on the board were triggered automatically.

That would be cool…

I still think that moving from a time constraint to a number of rounds constraint, would be the best way to solve this…

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Considering the 2 year hiatus of the thread…wouldn’t get my hopes up for any changes

Standardize animation lengths

All hero special ability animations should have a standard maximum length. The animations for the classic 5* heroes are just right as they all are a good length, centered lower on the screen and mostly transparent so you can work the board while they are activating, and flashy enough to get the point across.
Please SG review all hero animations to fit a max play duration similar to the classic 5*'s and adjust their focus and transparency.
This is especially important for titan battles since they are timed, and having the option to turn off animations for any time sensitive battles (such as titan battles and events) would be a good option at least until they are all standardized.


while they are at it making the animations shorter, recentered and transparent, can SG move the location of the word COMBO as it completely covers the enemy tank life and energy bar. Its quite annoying that you cant see the opponents tank life or health during a combo and you have to wait and see how close to dead they are.

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