Add Option to Disable Hero Animations During Titan Attacks and Raids, or Make the Animations Faster / Allow Continuing Attacks During Titan Attack Animations or Speed Them Up [MASTER]

I don’t see this as an issue. You still can play on during hero animation.

Before I fire up the special skill I look at the board which tile to move next. Then fire up the skill, don’t look at it and move my pedetermined tile.

The time for Titan animation blocking the gameplay is MUCH more frustrating to me.

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I LOL’d when I read that because I just had that happen last night. During a raid my opponent cast a spell that felt like someone took a pic of me in completely dark room. I even had those little ghosts floating in front of my eyes afterwards. I think turning my phones screen settings darker might help.


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Some of these animations have evolved into that one Friend that wears a bedazzled jumpsuit and brings his own backup dancers to kerioke night

They’re neat - but tapping the screen should end them or they should be transparent enough not to interiupt gameplay

Or let us tone them back - like particle effects

Alberich, Kadelin, etc adds to the experience of the game

Alice, Queen, Wilbur, etc - scream look what the art department can do :slight_smile:


I don’t like the animations that cover up the board. It’s hard to see what you’re going to do next when the animation is running its course. But otherwise I really don’t bother me that much because it’s the same for everybody so as long as it’s fair I’m okay with it. But would I rather have no animations during Titan fights, and answer to that is absolutely that way everyone could do more damage.


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The animation, especially those which their visual effects will animate at the center of the board over the tiles, is part of the overall score; by making it a bit hard for the player to see the tiles behind the effects for few seconds.

Removing those effects may require:

  • Buffing the HP of the Titan by 2 to 5%
  • Reducing the time of the round by 15 sec

So to balance the score.


I vote we keep the game as is.
Because those visual effects are… WOW!


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Titan battle’s should just have no special animations period !!


Just in case anyone with any say so or power reads this, give us a pause for the animations or remove them during titan fights so our timed attacks aren’t eaten up by the animations.

Is that clear enough, or would profanity help?


The animations are part of the game and removing them it would be weird. But, it would be nice to just stop the clock while on animations.

Another thing that’s unfair, why can the Titan strike after the time is over but we can’t? I know that we can take advantage from a riposte, but it would be better after the time is over, give us the opportunity to fire our specials until we send one last title strike :slight_smile:


My reply in this other topic:

Definitely a +1 for having a “pause animations during timed events” option. Not just titan battles, but anything where a timer is running; it matters for event scores too.


Or just make it optional a simple on/off button for animations in the settings menu ?
Even when just farming it would speed things up
Who needs animations in a level you have played 1000 times !!
On the other hand in regular raids I like animations gives me time to think :wink: !!!

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It seems the more we complain about animations on titans the longer they last and getting worse.

I timed one at 10secs. Rediculous.

If you take the amount of cascades a titan gets which continuously builds up it’s mana and the time of all the animations during each attack from the titan WE LOSE 40 to 50% of our time not being able to do anything at all, that is a big big disadvantage and quite personally unfair considering these affects are controlled by the games makers meaning they do this on purpose.


This is a very useful suggestion. Especially with titan battles, but even when you’re just running over a level to farm the rewards.

I wouldn’t remove the animations altogether, because it would confuse the game. Imagine not noticing when Azlar set your team on fire!

Instead I would like if every hero with long animation had a short alternative. Lianna doesn’t need that symbol to shoot. Just shoot already!

There could be a tick box for each of your teams for long/short animation. That way you can disable it for you titan team but keep it fir raids


agree and voted. titan animations are. while they are annoying, everyone is in the same boat. 5* special skill animations put 5* heroes at a disadvantage compared to 4*. they are also annoying in raids. have a checkbox on the last page before going into battle to turn off these animations!

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while red hood minions heals, every hero, every turn you lose 1 second, so yeah it is an issue.

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She doesn’t have minions -

She has choreographed backup dancers - complete with little twirls and foot shuffles.

Red Hood and the Pips

Alice is the one that I notice - it was neat, but after you’ve seen her giant clock for the 1000th time, it’s not as impressive

Your just watching the timer

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If animations need to be there for the appearance of the game which I do understand looks nice then they should be made more ghost like in appearance and be able to still use tiles through them.

At leadt this would still give power effect appearance without stopping play.

The real issue here is nit being able to see or play through these effects. Reduce their heightened animated look and allow us to still use tiles through them and your problem is solved without completely removing animations.


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